Rigby .375 H&H Bolt Rifle

Rigby is the ultimate rifle manufacturer in the world. There is no finer hunting firearm made anywhere at any price. Being one of the best or possibly the best, they come at a substantial price. This price is the result of many hours of manual labor from the finest gunsmiths (UK) in the world. Rigby rifles are build by hand, one rifle at a time. The raw materials used in a Rigby rifle are the absolute best available.

Let’s take a look at a Rigby bolt action rifle in .375 H&H. This one is $45,000.00

Pedersoli 1886 Lever Action Rifle

Pedersoli really does a fine job with their reproductions. Their lever actions are stunning and genuine works of art. If you’re looking for a reproduction gun, look no further than Pedersoli. They manufacture some of the finest firearms with very competitive prices. The quality of the color case hardening, bluing and wood are excellent.

Here’s one of Pedersoli’s 1886 lever action guns in 45-70 Govt.

It looks beautiful but how does it shoot?

African Buffalo Hunt with .700 Nitro

Is the .700 Nitro Express with it’s 1000 grain bullet and 2000 fps a good buffalo cartridge?

…and now Verney-Carron makes a double rifle for this huge cartridge. Watch and see how effective a 1000 grain bullet is on cape buffalo.

Pedersoli 50-70 Rolling Block Rifle

I really love the “Old West” big bore rifles like the Sharps, Rolling Blocks and High Walls especially those in 50 caliber. I had a Cimarron “Pride of the Plains”1873 Sharps in 45-70 and it was SWEET!. They’re built like the Fort Knox vault.

Here’s another one that is simply awesome…Pedersoli Rolling Block in 50-70 Govt.

The color case hardened receiver is a work of art.

Flip up long range sights are very accurate. The large octagon barrel is heavy and very sturdy/accurate. I like a nice and heavy rifle. It just feels good.

Let’s take a look at some hand loads for the 50-70 Govt. Reloading is fun!

You can get real creative with the 50-70 Govt… use modern big game bullets (solid copper) or old style cast. Bullet weights range from 450 grains to 680 grains. And actually I had some 700 grain WFNGC’s in .510 caliber a few years ago for the 50 Alaskan.

How It’s Made Video – Turnbull Restoration

If are like me, I love “How It’s Made” videos. Here’s a look at how a lever action riffle is restored by Turnbull Restoration step by step. The complete gun is worked over with a new stock and forend. The ultimate metal finish is Color Case Hardening and there is no finer than Turnbull’s.

Meet Doug from Turnbull Restoration Video

If you want the best in firearm restoration then you most likely are thinking Doug Turnbull from Turnbull Restoration. He makes old classic firearms look better than new. Doug specializes in lever action and sxs double shotguns. His work is second to NONE.

Watch and enjoy…