What Do I Need to Reload 50 BMG?

What do I need to reload the 50 BMG?

That’s an easy question. You need exactly the same tools you would need to reload any cartridge… only bigger.

Here’s what you need to reload the 50 BMG

  1. Large press to handle 1.25″ 50 BMG dies
  2. Set of 50 BMG dies
  3. 50 BMG shell holder
  4. 50 BMG Primer tool
  5. 50 BMG powder
  6. 50 BMG primers
  7. .510 caliber bullets

There are a few manufacturers that make reloading presses for the BMG such as Hornady, Dillon, Lee and RCBS. Most of these are over $400. The most affordable 50 BMG reloading press is the Lee Classic 50 BMG Cast Press. It’s actually a kit (50 BMG Kit) and includes everything except powder, bullets and primers. It costs about $240 for the whole kit.

Best Gun Case for Flying

The best gun case for flying is the Pelican gun case. African hunters chose Pelican cases when they need to fly their $15,000 double rifles to Africa. Why? Because they are the best made and will protect his/her expensive rifle from damage and moisture.

You never want to arrive for your hunt and find out your gun was damaged in transport. If you have ever watched airport loaders throw luggage onto airplanes, then you know why you need the best gun case for flying.

Pelican gun cases are made from a super strong polypropylene body with all stainless steel hardware. The Pelican case is sealed with an O-ring so moisture stays out. There is also a valve that automatically equalizes case pressure. Each Pelican gun case features a 3 piece foam set that will secure your gun inside. This soft foam will not allow your gun to move but at the same time cushion sudden jolts or jars, preventing damage. There are easy opening double throw latches that secure the Pelican case closed. Once it’s closed and locked, it aint opening. Depending on the particular Pelican case, it may feature wheels for easy transporting.

I have seen videos of trucks running over a Pelican gun case without damaging the rifle inside. They are the best!

Ruger’s New Silent-SR ISB for 10/22 Rifle

Want to significantly reduce the noise level or suppress the Ruger 10/22 easily?

…without threading the barrel and buying a $200 suppressor and buying a suppressor stamp from the ATF, I want to be able to use it in my garden without disturbing anyone and having to pay a lot for it.

Ruger’s got the answer….

Introducing the Ruger Silent-SR ISB drop in barrel for the Ruger 10/22 takedown rifle. Just screw the barrel in and shoot.

$160 Tactical Shotgun – Stevens 320

Looking for a reliable pump tactical or self defense shotgun?

..and cheap?

Try the Stevens 320 pump shotgun. Pump shotguns are most likely the most reliable shotgun with the exception of the single shot. For self defense or a tactical situation, a pump is the best choice, but for people wanting to learn to use guns, is also important to learn the maintenance of them. The Stevens 320 shotgun is made by Savage and is manufactured in PRC or Peoples Republic of China. Surprise huh?

So, would I buy/own one? Based on the reviews I’ve seen, I would definitely buy one for $160. It’s a reliable pump shotgun and super cheap. You can’t go wrong. Gun collecting as a hobby can be pretty expensive.

Here’s a video review of the Stevens 320 tactical shotgun.

Rigby .375 H&H Bolt Rifle

Rigby is the ultimate rifle manufacturer in the world. There is no finer hunting firearm made anywhere at any price. Being one of the best or possibly the best, they come at a substantial price. This price is the result of many hours of manual labor from the finest gunsmiths (UK) in the world. Rigby rifles are build by hand, one rifle at a time. The raw materials used in a Rigby rifle are the absolute best available.

Let’s take a look at a Rigby bolt action rifle in .375 H&H. This one is $45,000.00

Pedersoli 1886 Lever Action Rifle

Pedersoli really does a fine job with their reproductions. Their lever actions are stunning and genuine works of art. If you’re looking for a reproduction gun, look no further than Pedersoli. They manufacture some of the finest firearms with very competitive prices. The quality of the color case hardening, bluing and wood are excellent.

Here’s one of Pedersoli’s 1886 lever action guns in 45-70 Govt.

It looks beautiful but how does it shoot?