.600 Nitro Express in a Bolt Action Rifle

If you are a lover of the old British big bores than you most likely dream of owning a .600 Nitro double rifle. Sending 900 grain bullets down range at 1900 fps is momentous to say the least. But who has $20,000 + for a .600 Nitro double?

You can get the .600 Nitro thrill in a bolt action rifle for a whole lot less than $20,000. How about $6,000?

American Hunting Rifles or AHR is a custom gun maker that makes a .600 Overkill rifle that launches 900 grain bullets at 2,300 fps. This overpowers the mighty .600 Nitro by over 25%. You really do not need the extra velocity so the .600 Overkill can be loaded to 1900 fps easily and even lower.


The .600 OK is based on the .460 Weatherby case blown out to .620. AHR makes their own brass with the proper headstamp. They also sell loaded ammo.

600 OK and 458 Lott cart

.458 Lott next to the .600 OK

AHR uses the CZ-550 magnum action for the .600 OK round. This is a magnum length action that is extremely strong. Options are limitless and very reasonable.