.700 Nitro Express in a Bolt Action Rifle

The .700 Nitro Express is the largest production cartridge made today. It launches a 1000 grain bullet at 2,000 fps. It is for those of you who want the biggest and baddest rifle made.

A new .700 Nitro double rifle will set you back about $85,000 – $250,000 depending on manufacturer and options. But if you still want the biggest and baddest then there is another option…American Hunting Rifle’s .700 AHR.


American Hunting Rifles is a custom gun maker that is well know for big bores and quality work. They currently make the largest caliber bolt action rifle…aka .700 AHR. The .700 AHR is made with a Granite Mountain African Magnum action.


The .700 AHR is not based on any existing cartridge but custom made brass by AHR. The .700 AHR is a .685 diameter cartridge launching a 1000 grain bullet at 2,200 fps. It is quite powerful indeed. The .700 AHR rifle, depending on options, retails for $11,500.