African Buffalo Hunt with .700 Nitro

Is the .700 Nitro Express with it’s 1000 grain bullet and 2000 fps a good buffalo cartridge?

…and now Verney-Carron makes a double rifle for this huge cartridge. Watch and see how effective a 1000 grain bullet is on cape buffalo.

Pedersoli 50-70 Rolling Block Rifle

I really love the “Old West” big bore rifles like the Sharps, Rolling Blocks and High Walls especially those in 50 caliber. I had a Cimarron “Pride of the Plains”1873 Sharps in 45-70 and it was SWEET!. They’re built like the Fort Knox vault.

Here’s another one that is simply awesome…Pedersoli Rolling Block in 50-70 Govt.

The color case hardened receiver is a work of art.

Flip up long range sights are very accurate. The large octagon barrel is heavy and very sturdy/accurate. I like a nice and heavy rifle. It just feels good.

Let’s take a look at some hand loads for the 50-70 Govt. Reloading is fun!

You can get real creative with the 50-70 Govt… use modern big game bullets (solid copper) or old style cast. Bullet weights range from 450 grains to 680 grains. And actually I had some 700 grain WFNGC’s in .510 caliber a few years ago for the 50 Alaskan.

Lone Wolf Glock Barrel with Alpha Wolf Comp

The Glock is an awesome handgun and is very versatile. You can change barrels easily with zero gunsmithing. You can buy a barrel, install it in your Glock and then shoot another caliber. It’s 2 + guns in one.

Here’s a video review of the Wolf 10 mm Auto Glock barrel and the Alpha Wolf compensator. The Wolf barrel is threaded to accept the compensator. The comp really reduces recoil.

Cheap Tactical Pants – $15

If you’re looking for some cheap but good tactical pants then you should seriously consider Tru-Spec Original Tactical Pants. These are made with a rip-stop type fabric that is very tough and super light weight. Rip-stop fabric is wrinkle resistant, fade resistant and machine washable. Tru-Spec Original Tactical pants are well designed and well made. They are good looking tactical pants and very functional.

…almost forgot….So how cheap are Tru-Spec Original Tactical Pants?

…How about $15.00?

I own 3 other pairs of Tactical pants from 5.11, Condor and Propper. I have to say that I really like the fit and appearance of the Tru-Spec tactical pants. Clothing appearance means a lot to me. If it doesn’t look good, I won’t buy it. Let’s take a look at the Tru-Spec Original Tactical Pants.

Here’s a front view after I removed the tags. There are 7 wide belt loops that will accommodate a 1.5″ wide tactical belt. There are 3 belt loops in the rear, 1 on each side and 2 in the front. This is how good tactical pants are made or should be made.

Here are the Tru-Spec Original Tactical Pants with the tags still on. These are a size 29×32 which are typically hard to find. The color is Khaki.

Here you can see the size tag and the wide belt loops which are sewn very well and with no hanging threads.

The rear or back has 3 wide belt loops with the logo on the center belt loop. I love the wide belt loops. They seem to secure the waistline with a belt better than narrow belt loops do. They are very sturdy and secure.

There are 4 flap covered cargo style pockets (2 large and 2 smaller) on the front. They are nicely designed, look great and are very functional. The flaps are secured via Velcro and are easily opened for quick access. They flaps stay flat for a very clean front appearance. They look very professional and have ample storage.

A single Velcro fastener secures the front cargo pockets. It’s large enough to hold it shut while not too aggressive where you can’t open it quickly and easily. Nice design and very functional.

The smaller cargo pocket is centered on top of the larger cargo pocket. It too is secured with a single Velcro fastener. This smaller pocket is great for smaller items like keys, cell phone, compass, tactical knife, etc.

A nice logo tag underneath the double stitched cargo front pocket. Looks great…not too flashy. The double stitching will ensure the pockets don’t come apart under heavy use.

There are 2 slit style side pockets that are deep. They are nicely designed and are almost invisible. Lots of double stitching too. A++

There are 2 rear pockets with nice capacities. They are not “blind” pockets but still nicely designed. These are sewn on top of the pants whereas the “blind” pockets are sewn on the inside with slots only on the exterior. They lay very flat though, no hanging, sagging or bulging like some other rear pockets.

Here’s a closeup of the rip-stop type fabric. It’s Awesome!!! It’s very light weight yet super tough. Rip-stop feels great to wear and it looks fantastic and NO WRINKLES. Very nice fabric on these cheap tactical pants. I still can’t believe they were only $15.

A really important area for tactical pants is the waist fasteners. I prefer a good metal snap versus a button or loop and a metal zipper like ZKK. The Tru-Spec tactical pants have both. Button waist fasteners become a problem when the hole starts to wear and becomes loose. Now the pants can come unbuttoned easily.

Here’s the snap waist fastener. It’s metal and heavy duty. When you snap it, you can hear it. It’s definitely secure and will not come undone accidentally.

Look how heavy duty the female snap fastener is. It will last for many years without accidentally unsnapping. These snap fasteners are excellent. Now let’s look a the zipper.

The fly zipper is a heavy duty ZKK style. The one thing I really like about this zipper is the size of the lever or handle. It’s larger than most and gives you something sizable to grab. The zipper function is smooth and secure. There’s not binding of any kind while zipping and unzipping…which I did 100 times.

Tru-Spec did it right with the knee sections. They are designed perfectly for knee bending. These tactical pants allow you to run, jump, kneel, sit, climb, etc with no difficulties or restriction. This is how tactical pants should be made. These knees are exceptional.

The pant leg hems are double stitched and perfect. They will not come undone from heavy use or abuse. Again there were not hanging threads or signs of unraveling. Quality control seems very good.

Now you’ve seen the Tru-Spec Original Tactical Pants. So how do they fit and feel?

In short…they are fantastic. I bought them in size 29×32. The 29 inch waist is perfect for me. It’s not too tight and not loose at all. The front crotch fit is very good also. I have room to move without bagginess which I hate. The butt section is also great. It fits my butt very well without being too tight or baggy. The waist snap and fly zipper and excellent. They keep the pants secure. I wear a 5.11 1.5″ wide tactical belt and it fits perfectly in these pant belt loops. The legs are a slim cut and fit well…they way I like them. Other tactical pants are baggy in the legs.

You can spend $100 for tactical pants if you want to but you may not get a better pair than Tru-Spec. $100 tactical pants will most likely look and fit different though. And this maybe what you’re looking for. My 5.11 Stryke tactical pants cost $75. They are very nice and look great but are they a better tactical pant? Probably not from a functional standpoint. The Tru-Spec Original Tactical Pants are very nice even at a higher price point. But at $15 there’s just no comparison. They are very good looking pants and seem to be well made plus they fit me really well. I will certainly buy more.

Double Barrel AR-15 Rifle – Gilboa Snake

I’ve always loved dual 50 Cal machine guns like the M2 Browning. But what about dual barrels on an AR-15?

Is this cool or what? The Gilboa Snake was developed by an Israeli company named Silver Shadow. Just the thing for adding more destruction to the scenario. The civilian version has 2 triggers and gas blocks, each controlling one barrel. The military version has a single gas block and a single trigger. Sweetness!

Here’s a video demo of the Gilboa Snake double barrel AR-15 rifle.

Fostech Origin 12 SBV Firearm – New 2017

Fostech has a new Origin 12 firearm for 2017. It has a short barrel and is semi-automatic but is not classified as a SBS or SBR. Gun laws are so strange. But anyway, since this weapon is not shouldered like a normal shotgun or rifle, it is not classified as a short barrel shotgun nor short barrel rifle. So you can buy a Fostech Origin 12 SBV like any standard firearm. They make exceptional self-defense or special ops weapons. The Origin 12 SBV retails for $2750

Check out this review on the Fostech Origin 12 SBV.