5.56 Ammo for Sale – 1000 rounds in a Case

Where to buy 5.56 ammo on sale in a 1,000 round case for $225.00?

If you’re looking for a great deal on a 1000 round case of 5.56 Nato then you have a few options.

The best price/quality is definitely Tulammo at $225/case of 1000 rounds.

Tula 223 Ammo For Sale 5.56 55 fmj case of 1000

tulammo 5

Tulammo 5.56 Nato/223 ammo is loaded with polymer steel cases and bimetal FMJ bullets. It has non-corrosive primers and powder and is very clean burning. The steel cases are safe for all modern firearms. The steel case is soft or annealed so it can expand during the firing process to seal the rifle chamber. It will not harm your gun.

Wolf WPA 223 556 ammo 1000 rounds

Your second options is Wolf WPA Military Classic 223/5.56 ammo in 500 round sealed packs for $139. Wolf 223 ammo is quality ammo featuring polymer coated steel cases with FMJ bullets. The steel cases are mild steel and much softer than a rifle barrel. It will not harm any barrel. The primers are non-corrosive and are berdan style. WPA ammunition is manufactured in Russian, Ukraine and Serbia in some of the largest ammunition plants in the world.

Here is where you can get great deals on 5.56 ammo…Wolf 223 Ammo For Sale 500 Round Packs at Lucky Gunner.com. Super fast shipping and great customer service.

Korean AK-47 Steel Magazine

I recently bought a Zastava N-PAP AK-47 rifle. And I love it!! It came with 2 magazines, a steel unknown manufacture and a Tapco polymer magazine. Both magazines are 30 round capacity. Anyway I wanted to get a few more magazines to see how they perform and how they’re made.

I bought 3 extra AK-47 magazines online, one Romanian, one Korean and one Croatian. The Romanian magazine is surplus and slightly used but the other 2 are new unused magazines.

SAM 0040

From left to right…Korean, Croatian and Romanian.

Here is the Korean 30 round AK-47 magazine

SAM 0024

SAM 0046

Here is the top portion. It’s all steel with some type of metal finish. It’s not blued or painted but maybe gray parkerized. The Korean magazine is slightly lighter in weight than the Croatian and Romanian mags but still feels solid. The spot welds on the sides are evenly spaced and numerous. The top or feed lip area is reinforced with very heavy gauge steel.

SAM 0026

The bottom of the Korean AK-47 magazine is nicely stamped steel with a decent floor plate. It’s certainly not the thickest cover but not foil-like either.

SAM 0027

You can see the side spot welds here. They are evenly spaced and numerous. This magazine should never come apart.

SAM 0048

Here are the feed lips and follower. It appears very well made and heavy duty. Welds look good and deep. There are some sharp edges though.

SAM 0049

The locking lug is super sturdy and welded properly. The back ridge is securely spot welded.

SAM 0050

Another view of the back ridge.

SAM 0051

Here is the inside front of the Korean AK-47 magazine showing the numerous spot welds.

SAM 0053

Another shot of the magazine hook and its welds.

I find this Korean AK-47 magazine well made. It’s not the best that I have seen but it is not junk. I have not tested it in my AK-47 yet. If it proves to be a reliable feeder, it’s a real sleeper at $7.50.

I read several threads on gun forums and these magazines were criticized highly and considered “cheap” and “junk”. After I test them in my AK, we’ll see if these comments are true.

11/3/14 Update: I took the Korean AK-47 magazine to the range with my NPAP AK-47. I loaded it with 4 different brands of ammo…Red Army Standard, Wolf, Tulammo and some white box lacquer coated ammo. The Korean magazine fits my Zastava perfectly…very little mag wabble. So how does it feed??? 100% perfectly. It’s 100% reliable so far.

You can buy them here….30 Round Korean AK-47 762×39 Black Magazine

Lehigh Defense Xtreme Penetrator Bullets

History of Lehigh Defense Xtreme Penetrator

Lehigh Defense XP Penetrator Bullets

After the success of their Maximum Expansion bullets (which provided a devastating wound channel with reduced risk of over penetration) and Controlled Fracturing bullets (one of the most unique projectiles ever designed), Lehigh Defense decided to focus on innovating and updating the design of one of the late Elmer Keith’s creations, the hard cast Semi-Wad Cutter.

The original SWC Keith bullet filled a niche early on as it helped hunters face dangerous game with penetration measured in feet instead of inches. Unfortunately, the early copper-jacketed lead core hunting bullets that were in use at the time, often delivered less than ideal performance, as they:

· disintegrated upon contact with tough shoulder bone

· were unable to withstand the high velocity of the Magnum Cartridges at close range

· failed to expand enough at greater distances to produce a significant would hole

While the SWC wasn’t a perfect bullet, it was an improvement over the copper-jacketed lead core bullets, striking a balance between good penetration and respectable terminal performance (probably the reason it’s still with us today). That’s why, in 2011, Lehigh Defense started to innovate and update the design.

To overcome the limitations of the SWC Keith bullet, Lehigh Defense decided to design a bullet that would never break apart upon contact with a shoulder bone, one with sufficient length for straight line penetration, but less weight than a conventional hard cast lead bullet.

In the Spring of 2014, after 3 long years of development, Lehigh Defense released the Xtreme Penetrator (XP), a next generation bullet that looks mean and delivers a high level of terminal performance (which is easily confirmed upon witnessing a test fire into 10% ballistic gel).

Ultimately, the XP has exceeded all early design expectations. The “X” nose design is as wide as a traditional SWC design, but the cut-out flutes on the sides and top reduce the surface area enough to allow it to penetrate deeper but maintain higher velocity during penetration.

Since the XP bullet is lead-free, it is significantly lighter than leaded counterparts, which results in less recoil and increased velocities with equal powder charges. The XP design delivers plenty of penetration and unbelievable terminal performance while maintaining 100% of its original weight (regardless of what it comes into contact with).

With looks to kill and performance that does just that, the XP has become Lehigh’s recommended go-to bullet for functionality and design in a single bullet. Visit Lehigh Defense to learn more about the Xtreme Pentrator and all of their innovative projectiles.

See the Xtreme Penetrator in action at:

.380 ACP Lehigh Defense XP Penetrator Ballistic Gel Test Video

Quality Steel Reinforced Polymer AK-47 Magazines from Toth Tool

USA made steel reinforced polymer AK-47 magazines from Toth Tool & Engineering, LLC.

Looking for an alternative to the $45 Bulgarian polymer AK-47 magazine?

The Toth Tool & Engineering AK-47 magazines could be it. And at $25 each. And made in USA.

Check them out here…Toth Tool & Engineering Magazines

Toth Tool AK47 mags

They’re steel reinforced where needed like the feed lips and bolt. Lighter than steel and almost as strong and much more durable.

Watch this video review and test of the Toth Tool AK-47 magazine.

Tapco AK-47 Magazine Test and Review Video

I hear a lot of people do not like Tapco AK-47 magazines. Are they bad? Cheaply made? Unreliable? Break easily?

Tapco makes polymer magazines for AK, AR and other semiautomatic rifles. The reinforced polymer is strong and corrosion proof. They feature a heavy duty spring that insures every round will feed reliably.

tapco AK-47 magazine

Lets see how the Tapco AK-47 and AK-74 polymer magazines hold up to some abuse. Watch this magazine test and draw your own conclusions.

Matra AK-47 Steel Magazines

Matra Company out of Banja Luka, Bosnia is manufacturing high quality steel AK-47 magazines. And if that isn’t good enough news then listen to this….the price is under $20 each.

matra steel ak-47 magazine

Matra magazines are made from heavy gauge sheet metal and almost hand made by humans. This is not a high volume manufacturing plant but a quality product plant.

Here is how Matra manufactures AK-47 magazines.