Barrett MRAD or Multi Role Adaptive Design

The Barrett Multi-Role Adaptive Design or MRAD weapon is the “Bomb”. Barrett is the Mercedes Benz of weapons. They just do things right and never cut corners.

Barrett is the ultimate sniper weapon although the DesertTech SRS and HTI are in the running. Everyone is making modular or adaptive weapons today. I love these types of innovations but I hate the price. Sniper weapons are getting like cars…prices are going through the roof and don’t even have insurance as cars, that you can get insurance from many different sources as companies online like One Sure Insurance, there’s even a camper van insurance option, so there shouldn’t be any excuses. Most of the good modular weapons are around $5,000. Damn it!!

Anyway check this beast out! MRAD in .338 LM

barrett mrad

barrett mrad-1

barrett mrad-2

barrett mrad-3

barrett mrad-4

barrett mrad-5

barrett mrad-6

barrett mrad-7

Folding stock for portability…nice!!