Yukon Outfitters Bug-Out Bag

Are you looking for an inexpensive Bug-Out bag that is well made?

…not sure which one to buy?

Take a look at Yukon Outfitters…great price (under $60) and made well.


  • Bug-out bag
  • Hidden shoulder straps for bugging out
  • Urban and outdoor compatible
  • Made of durable 600D polyester with plastic buckles and neoprene handle
  • Drop top handle for use as a duffel


Check out this great Bug-Out bag from Yukon Outfitters. It has a 4 star rating from customers who bought it online. Here’s a link to read the reviews….Yukon Outfitters Bug-Out Bag at Amazon.com

Osage River Tactical Shooting Gun Range Bag

A good range bag is indispensable to any shooter. Cheap ones will fall apart in about 6 months. I know because I’ve had several. A good one will last 10+ years and keep your stuff organized. Here’s what I take to the range on most days:

  • Cleaning rod – segmented or 8″ for handguns
  • Gun rags
  • Gun CLP
  • Safety Glasses
  • Hearing protection – foam and muffs
  • screwdriver kit
  • ammo
  • extra magazines
  • Targets
  • Masking tape
  • knife
  • Multi-tool
  • Hunting Scope

Check out this tactical range bag from Osage River. Its’ built to last.

Osage River Tactical Shooting Bag

Zippered top hatch for easy access. Zippers are heavy duty nylon. Bag construction is of 600D ballistic nylon.

Osage River Tactical Shooting Bag-1

Plenty of side compartments for small items like flashlight, tools, eye protection, ear protection, etc.

Osage River Tactical Shooting Bag-3

Heavy duty nylon zippers will last many years.

Osage River Tactical Shooting Bag-2

Sturdy shoulder strap will support heavy loads like lots of ammo. Metal hardware is strong and durable.

If you want to pick up one of these great tactical range bags, here is a link….Osage River Tactical Range Bag at Amazon.com


Allen Company Shooter’s Carry All Bag

The Allen Company Shooter’s Carry All Bag is a great shooting, hunting or range bag on the Cheap. If you are looking for a small bag for a pistol and ammo or to carry 10 boxes of shotgun shells in then this bag is a great choice. I have had mine for over 3 years and it still looks new.

Allen Cary All Bag

This is my Shooter’s Carry All bag. I have used it a lot and stuffed it with ammo, cleaning supplies, towels, gloves, hearing protection, eye protection, etc. It will hold a ton of stuff. It’s made from heavyweight canvas. Everything about this bag is heavy duty from the stitching to the zippers to the handles.

20131231 133131

The handles fasten together via heavy duty Velcro. The top of the bag is secured via a double zippered flap. The wide double zippered flap is really nice. It enables you to fill the bag easier than a single zipper. It gives you unhindered access to the inside of the bag. The zippers are heavy duty with a strap to tie them together. There is a Velcro strip on the end of the flap to secure it down.

Allen Cary All Bag-1

There are 2 side pockets inside to hold smaller items or rags or whatever. Both pockets have a Velcro strap to secure it closed.

Allen Cary All Bag-2

Here is the inside of the Shooter’s Carry All bag. It’s really spacious. Another really nice feature is the rigid bottom which keeps the bag from collapsing from the sides. I love this feature. My Blackhawk bag is a pain when not full because the sides and top collapse in.

Allen Cary All Bag-3

There is one external pocket on one side of the bag. I put my hearing protection in here so that it’s easy to access quickly when I go to the range. You could actually put a handgun in here too or anything that will fit.

Allen Cary All Bag-7

The Allen Shooter’s Carry All bag comes with a pistol rug. It will protect a handgun while in the bag. It has a Velcro strap and is lined with a padded soft furry like material. I put my Glock in here when I take it to the range. Most handguns will fit in this gun rug. It’s pretty large.

Allen Cary All Bag-8

The Allen Company Shooter’s Carry All bag

Allen Cary All Bag-5

I give this Range/Shooter’s bag a 5 star rating. You really get a lot of “Bang for the Buck” with this bag. It’s super tough, roomy and looks good.

I bought this one on Amazon.com…here is a link Allen Company Heavy Canvas Shooter’s Carry All

Galati International Zombie Range Bag

I’m looking for a new range bag. I have a small one but it’s too small to carry 3 handguns, ammo, magazines, etc. I ran across a really neat one…the Galati International Zombie Range Bag.

It has plenty of storage and it can hold 3 handguns and magazines. This is exactly what I have been looking for. I have 3 Glocks and like to take all 3 to the shooting range. The Galati Zombie Range Bag is a well made bag and looks nice. I’m not keen on the name though…”Zombie Range Bag”???

What is the deal with “Zombie” these days? Everybody is making Zombie ammo and now “Zombie” range bags? Marketing is getting carried away here! You can see more every time., you may be tired of it but right now it is a booming market !  We have to be realistic with the products or services we offer, and zombies are in stock, and how does marketing works ? giving the customer what they want, this is the basic and main deal with advertising a new product, you need to sell what people want or fulfill their needs, and with a study on the market this year zombies came in a huge top of the popular ones, so this is a tool to provide the clients products they will love and for the developer to get followers to their business and of course sales and profits.

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Anyway here is the new collection of Galati Zombie Range Bag, special bags for anyone who loves the outdoors, who travels or that loves ZOMBIES or maybe you are just  preparing for a zombie attack  !

Excellent quality and design material for any type of movement and with top technology fabric that provides you a safe place for your stuff with a waterproofing material.

Galati Zombie Range Bag


Galati Zombie Range Bag-2


Galati Zombie Range Bag-3


It is cool as hell. The only thing I don’t like are the magazine holders. They only work with 1911 and similar magazines. The Glock mags won’t work.


Best Gun Concealment Bag

If you’re looking for a bag to carry a handgun in that is inconspicuous then take a look at the 5.11 Side Trip Briefcase. The 5.11 Side Trip Briefcase is a nylon bag that resembles a briefcase in dimensions so it looks natural to carry it to work or wherever. No one will know it contains a handgun concealed inside, the same happens with the concealed carry knives that people purchase online for the same reasons. If you use a range bag, it will look too obvious.

511 Side Trip Briefcase

This looks like nothing more than a work briefcase. But it has 2 areas where you can secure a handgun and a full size handgun at that. It has lots of pockets for everything from flashlights to knives to multi-tools. The Side Trip Briefcase is very roomy and carries easily. It has a shoulder strap too.

Here’s a link to buy one online….5.11 Side Trip Briefcase

511 Side Trip Briefcase2

I carry one to work everyday…with a Glock 21 inside.

Galati Super Range Bag Review

Looking for the ultimate shooting range bag?

Take a look at the Galati Super Range Bag.

Galati Super Range Bag

The Galati Super Range Bag can hold up to 3 handguns plus 5 magazines. The large main compartment has 2 dividers where you can store ammo, gloves, cleaning equipment, ear protection, eye protection, etc. This bag is rugged and made from PVC tactical nylon. There is a shoulder strap to make it easy to carry when full.

You can buy one here and save about 10% off of retail… Galati Gear Super Range Bag (Black)

Galati Super Range Bag 2


The dimensions of the Galati Super Range Bag are 18″ long by 12″ wide and 9″ high. It is not too big or cumbersome to carry around yet big enough to carry everything you need.