Best Tactical Pants 2016

The best tactical pants that I have bought are the 5.11 Stryke Pants with Flex-Tac. I have bought several other tactical pants from other makers and none of them are as well made as the 5.11 Stryke pants nor do the others fit as well.


I bought them for work because they look professional and are made to last with plenty of pockets to store stuff. The material is rip-stop which is a material that does not tear if cut or punctured. It’s super tough and durable. The pockets are very functional and heavily stitched. The legs fit perfectly and are very comfortable. You can feel the difference between these and others like the Condor tactical pants. The 5.11 Stryke pants are way heavier. They are machine washable too. If you want a serious pair of tactical pants then buy these. They are not cheap…$75 at Here is a link where you can get a great price ($56) on them…5.11 Stryke Tactical Pants with Flex-Tac at

EvoShield Recoil Reduction T-Shirt

Shotguns have relatively mild recoil but after 200 shells your shoulder may become tender…I know my is. I have a PAST recoil pad but it is pretty thick and is not ideal for the field. It’s great for the shooting range but a little too bulky for the field.

Here is a better solution.

EvoShield Protective Recoil Shooting Shirt

The EvoShield Shooting shirt is a T-shirt with a pocket sewn in over the shoulder. The pocket holds a special custom recoil pad that will conform to your body. The pad is only .25″ think and is very lightweight….and effective.

So does it work?


Customer reviews testify that after shooting 4,300 shells in 2 days the results were a slightly sore shoulder. Some report a 75% reduction in felt recoil.

Click Here to check out the EvoShield Shooting Shirt at

Ultimate Concealed Carry from UnderTech

Concealed carry is mostly via a side pancake type holster or an ankle holster. It’s hard to really conceal a sidearm on your hip or in the small of your back. You have to wear a jacket or something to cover the side holster or back holster. It always seems to stick out at one time or another. Let’s face it…its a bulge on your waistline. The ankle holster is more concealed but only if you wear baggy pants or flared pants.

But wait….there is a better way to carry a concealed weapon without any bulges or discomfort. It’s called UnderTech Undercover. This is clothing that features a pocket or built in holster for a firearm.There are shirts, pants and underwear. The shirts have a built in holster under the arm while the underwear have a side/back holster. You wear normal clothing overtop of these so it is totally concealed without any bulges and they are very comfortable to wear.

UnderTech Underwear Shirt

UnderTech Undercover Men’s Shirt


UnderTech Underwear shorts

UnderTech UnderCover Women’s Shorts

UnderTech UnderCover Clothing Video

UAG ACU Tactical Assault Vest

The UAG ACU tactical assault vest is not only a great item for assault type operations but can also be used for hunting or combat target shooting. This is a rugged assault vest that breathes and is adjustable to fit most upper bodies from small to X-large. This vest is made from high quality weatherproof nylon with heavy duty zippers, latches and Velcro. There is an abundance of pockets and pouches for any gear you need to carry from magazines to flashlights to knives to maps.

Click Here to buy the UAG Tactical ACU Lightweight Edition Assault Vest w/ Right Handed Quick Draw Pistol Holster

This assault vest is great of hunters, law enforcement or military personnel.


Trap Shooting Vest

Now that I have a shotgun and have been shooting Trap, I needed a shooting vest to hold shotgun shells more easily. Putting a box on the ground and picking shells up a few at a time is no fun at all.

I have a predator hunting vest but its a little too bulky for Trap shooting. I wanted a simple vest that is light weight and can hold a few boxes of shells.

I have bought Bob Allen products in the past and they are decent quality and priced right. My shotgun case is a Bob Allen and I like it. So I decided to get a Bob Allen 240S Shooting Vest. The price is right and the quality is good. That’s good enough for me.

The Bob Allen Shooting Vest is made from a heavy canvas like material with plenty of pockets for shells and anything else. It fits me nicely and is light weight. The right shoulder is reinforced with a lightly padded material. I like this too because 100 rounds of 12 gauge batters my shoulder. This is a nice vest for shooting clays or even bird hunting.


I bought one from Amazon but you can also get them from Midwayusa too. I think Amazon’s price was lower though.

Bob Allen 240S Shooting Vest – Solid KHAKI RH 240S-30167

5.11 TDU 1.5 inch Tactical Belt

I have always liked and worn military type belts with the brass buckle. My dad was in the Navy for 21 years and that’s all he wore. I guess it rubbed off on me. The only thing I don’t like about these belts is that you can only get cheap buckles. They don’t stay tight. The serrated bar that goes against the belt moves with tension and then becomes loose. I have looked for better quality buckles but it is hard.

I found an alternative that I like even better. It’s the tactical belts and especially the 5.11 TDU tactical belt. The buckle is non-metallic which means it won’t turn colors or corrode. It will not scratch either. So this buckle is impervious to the elements and is airport friendly too. The belt is super heavy duty nylon webbing and can support several hundred pounds if you need to use it in an emergency situation.

The polymer/Nylon buckle is easy to cinch tight and will stay tight. It will not work its way loose like other buckles. You just pull it tight and you’re set.


I bought 2 of these. One in OD and one in Black. I really like them. They are simple and strong and look good too.

5.11 TDU 1.5-Inch Belt