Top Selling Shooting Earmuffs from Howard Leight

A sure bet for hearing protection of the earmuff style is the Howard Leight R-01526 Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff. (4.5 star rating from 2,650 reviews)

Howard Leight Electronic earmuffs

I own a pair of these and use them (and like them). It’s a two fold deal. They protect your hearing from sound about 82 db but amplify sound below that. There is a volume control so you can adjust the amplification level. The NRR is 22. 2 AAA batteries are required. The amp shuts off after 4 hours of non-use to save battery life. These earmuffs are compact, lightweight and effective. The earmuff enclosures are low profile to permit use with a rifle butt stock without interference. The headband is fully adjustable. There is even an external audio imput jack for an MP3 player.

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At these earmuffs received 2,650 review and averaged 4.5 stars out of 5 stars….Howard Leight R-01526 Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff

Ear Protection – What’s good?

Take ear protection seriously when shooting. Once you damage your hearing, there’s no fixing it. You can’t get it back but you can start using a hearing aide.

If you are going to use some type of insertable ear protection, be very choosey. Some work well while others do not. Some of the foam type ear plugs seal rather well but some do not. I had a pair that did not and my ears rang and hurt while shooting. I got serious real quick!

20140127 173949

These foam type ear plugs did not seal properly. I rolled them just like the instructions stated and inserted them into the ear canal and held them until they expanded. After my first shot at the indoor range, I knew I was in trouble.

20140127 174122

These are the Peltor Combat dual ear plugs. I did not have a good experience with them either. They just don’t fit well in my ear canal thus providing little protection. I tossed them in the trash.

20140127 173921

I just got these in the mail yesterday…from Howard Leight. I bought them because they were given a thumbs up on a Youtube video. I tried them on and could not get a decent fit. I kept looking at the instructions, which are lousy, and trying again and again. They just do not seal off my ear canal. I could easily hear my TV with these on. There’s no way I’m shooting with these on. Into the trash they go. I’m glad they were only $7.

20140127 174101

Ok…believe it or not, these cheap foam type ear plugs do work well. They do seal your ear canal pretty good. I do use these when I go trap shooting with my 12 gauge shotgun. I would also use them at an outdoor range with a handgun.

Hearos Ear Plugs NRR 33

20140127 173927

These are the gems I just got yesterday too….Surefire EP4 Sonic Defenders (NRR 24). I really like these. They are small, lightweight and really seal your ear canals…and easy to insert. No more rolling and inserting and holding like foam plugs. These you just insert and shoot. You can tell instantly if ear protection is working by what you hear while wearing them. These babies block everything with the filter caps in. You can leave the filter caps off and let the special noise filter allow normal sound in while blocking sounds about 85db. I will be taking these to the indoor range shortly.

In my experience you can never go wrong with a good pair of earmuffs. Typically they cover/seal your ears off from loud noise…as long as they cover your ears entirely. When shooting a rifle, be careful the butt stock does not push the ear muff off or break the seal. I’ve done this before.

Howard Leight Earmuffs


I use these Howard Leight Earmuffs occasionally. They are lightweight and comfortable. The NRR is 23. I got these because they fold up and take up very little space in my shooting bag. I use these for shotgun and handgun shooting. If I shoot a rifle or if the shooter next to me is shooting a rifle, I use these over top of my ear plugs. I like to hear as little as possible when I’m shooting.

Hearing Protection from Surefire

Hearing protection when shooting is a must have and should not be taken lightly. Once you destroy/damage your hearing, you can’t fix it. Great hearing protection is not expensive either. But just don’t buy the cheapest hearing protection you can find.

I have tried many types of hearing protection in the past. Some work well while others do not. I learned a lesson a few weeks ago. I was using some cheap foam ear plugs. I forgot to bring my muffs with me to the indoor range. I thought the foam inserts would work fine BUT they did not. My ears were ringing and hurt with every shot.

surefire ep4 sonic defenders

I now carry 2 pairs of muffs in my range bag. And I’m buying some really good ear plugs. I do not want any more foam ear plugs. They are hard to get a good fit and they come loose after a while.

I just bought a pair of Surefire EP4 Sonic Defenders. The reviews are good and there were over 400.

Surefire Hearing Protection at

Here is an excellent video from Surefire on their line of hearing protection.