Wiley X Shooting/Tactical Glasses

Wiley X has a great line of eyewear for everything from tactical to sunglasses to water sports and safety. The styling is fantastic. They offer some of the best looking eyewear I’ve seen next to ESS. I’m ordering a pair soon…just have to decide which pair???

Wiley X Knife

So they look cool….BUT how good are they? After all they cost about $90.

There’s only one way to determine if they will protect your eyes from foreign projectiles. By performing a test.

12 gauge birdshot from 30 feet…let’s watch the video.

Ultimate Eye Protection from ESS

I currently shoot with some generic safety glasses. I used to shoot with ESS Recon’s but they were stolen. I can’t remember what brand I have now…well that is about to change because of this video. Hello ESS ICE

ESS Ballistic Eyeshields

Talk about serious eye protection…how about stopping a .22 LR? And birdshot from a 12 gauge?? I have to say after watching this video….I’m sold (actually ordering now) on ESS ICE.

ESS Eye Pro

ESS Ballistic EyeShield Penetration Test – 22 LR and 12 gauge shotgun.


Edge Eyewear – Hamel Safety Shooting Glasses Review

I had ordered a pair of Edge Eyewear Hamel Safety shooting glasses from Amazon.com and received them over the weekend. I have to say they are really nice. I only paid about $37 for them which is kind of cheap. The frames are strong and heavily constructed. They fit my head well without touching my eye lashes. They are also comfortable to wear all day. I got the G15 leans which are shaded. These will be great for hunting and shooting. I really like them. They look great too…not nerdy looking.

Edge Eyewear Safety/Shooting Glasses

glass hamel

lenses hamel

Edge Tactical Hamel Shooting Glasses

Edge Tactical Eyewear has some pretty interesting shooting glasses. My first attraction to the Hamel was the styling. They really look cool while providing eye protection from UVA/UVB/UVC and foreign matter like gun powder, muzzle blast and dust. The Edge Tactical Hamel glasses also feature a 3x anti-scratch coating and Vapor Shield which stops fogging. The frame is made with TPR technology to increase the frame’s grip when it becomes moist and warm. The Hamel shooting glasses passed the military MCEPS test. This test simulates a shotgun blast from 33 feet.

I just ordered a pair of the Edge Tactical Hamel shooting glasses to test. I will write a follow up post when I receive them. I will test these with my new AK-47.

Here is where I ordered them from… Edge Eyewear Hamel Shooting Glasses – Black Frame, Tiger’s Eye Lens XH610

Edge Tactical Hamel Shooting Glasses


Edge Tactical Hamel Shooting Glasses-2