LMT 40 MM Grenade Launcher

LMT or Lewis Machine and Tool Company makes several grenade launchers for the U.S. Military. They are all 40 MM and either a stand alone launcher or an accessory M203 type launcher. Oh and they kick butt..and you need a Class III permit to get one. Watch and enjoy.

Airsoft ICS M32A1 Grenade Launcher

This is some really cool stuff….


ICS M32A1 Multi Shot 40 mm Grenade Launcher….excellent replica of the real M32A1.


…now check out the ammo….40 mm grenades


These actually just propel a projectile. You fill them with compressed gas. You can use balls or dart type projectiles for the 40 mm grenade launchers. Great for the park or backyard. Check them out here….ICS M32A1 Multi Shot 40 mm Grenade Launcher at Amazon.com