Best Gun Case for Flying

The best gun case for flying is the Pelican gun case. African hunters chose Pelican cases when they need to fly their $15,000 double rifles to Africa. Why? Because they are the best made and will protect his/her expensive rifle from damage and moisture.

You never want to arrive for your hunt and find out your gun was damaged in transport. If you have ever watched airport loaders throw luggage onto airplanes, then you know why you need the best gun case for flying.

Pelican gun cases are made from a super strong polypropylene body with all stainless steel hardware. The Pelican case is sealed with an O-ring so moisture stays out. There is also a valve that automatically equalizes case pressure. Each Pelican gun case features a 3 piece foam set that will secure your gun inside. This soft foam will not allow your gun to move but at the same time cushion sudden jolts or jars, preventing damage. There are easy opening double throw latches that secure the Pelican case closed. Once it’s closed and locked, it aint opening. Depending on the particular Pelican case, it may feature wheels for easy transporting.

I have seen videos of trucks running over a Pelican gun case without damaging the rifle inside. They are the best!

Bulldog Extreme Assault Rifle Case Review

The Bulldog Extreme Assault weapon case is an awesome value. It retails for $45.00 but I bought this one for $37.00 plus shipping. It comes in OD and Black. This one is OD.

20140120 093208

The Bulldog Extreme tactical case is made from super tough nylon fabric which is water-proof. Everything is double stitched for added strength. The zipper is heavy duty and double stitched. There are 4 Velcro exterior magazine pouches and a zippered exterior pocket. This case is thickly padded to protect your weapon from bumps, drops and falls. The case even floats. The inside is soft brushed tricot lined. There are 2 heavy duty handles and a shoulder strap.

20140120 093218

I have had 2 of these cases and I have to say they are tough and last even with abuse. I had one for 3 years and it still looked like new when I let it go with my Stag Arms 2T. I just bought another for my Hi Point 4095 TS. I bought the 35″ assault case. The Hi Point 4095 is only 32″ long. I have to say the Hi Point 4095 is a fantastic weapon.

I give the Bulldog Extreme Tactical rifle case 5 stars. It’s well made, tough, has 4 magazine pouches and a zippered pocket, well padded and floats. I’m not sure what else I would want in a black rifle case for my needs. It’s perfect for the Hi Point 4095.

20140120 093224

20140120 093242

Maxpedition Tactical Pistol Case

Maxpedition makes some of the finest bags, gun cases and backpacks. They are well made and priced right. I recently bought the 8 x 10 pistol case/rug for my Glock 22.

20131231 133559

This is the 8″ x 10″ pistol case. There is a larger one that is 8″ x 12″ too. This case holds one pistol and up to 5 magazines.

20131231 133644

The Maxpedition case is made from 1000 Denier ballistic nylon fabric. It’s water and abrasion resistant. It has a Teflon fabric protector which makes it resistant to dirt, water, oils, etc. It’s very easy to clean when it gets dirty. Just wipe is off with a damp rag. I like things that are easy to clean.

The zippers are heavy duty and lockable. I have a small padlock that I use to lock this case. The case is stitched with high tensile strength composite thread. This is much stronger than ordinary nylon thread. This case or rug is almost bullet proof.

On the right is a padded and zippered compartment to hold one pistol. My Glock fits perfectly. The padding protects it from the elements, bumps or a drop. The opposite side has 5 elastic retention loops for magazines, flashlights, multi-tools, knives, etc.

20131231 133708

The handles are made from tough 1.5″ webbing. They are over kill for this small pistol rug but guarantee non-breakage. The handles are comfortable and well made.

20131231 133617

The Maxpedition Pistol Case/Rug is an excellent tactical case for a side arm. I give it 5 stars. I could not find anything I did not like about this case. It satisfies all of my tactical needs and at a good price. For about $35, you just cannot go wrong.

Best Assault Rifle Case for AR-15 or AK-47

If you’re looking for the best assault rifle case for your AR-15, AK-47 or VEPR 12 then take a close look at the Galati XT premium gun case. This is a soft gun case made from ballistic nylon. The XT assault gun case is said to be the toughest in the industry and will float with one assault rifle inside. There are 4 magazine pouches to secure 30 round magazines. The zippers are YKK and the absolute best. It measures 37″ x 12″ x 2.5? but comes in different sizes for different weapons.

Galati Gear XT Premium Assault Rifle Case

Galati assault rifle case

Here is a video review of the Galati XT Premium Assault Rifle Case

Ultimate Assault Covert Gun Case from UTG

Here is a really nice assault/tactical gun case from UTG. It’s their Covert Homeland Security Gun Case. It can store 2 rifles in this 36″ x 12″ padded case. There is a huge 36″ x 12″ pocket with Velcro closure plus 3 rifle magazine pouches. This case has tons of space for storing everything you need. The case is made from a durable polyester fabric.

The UTG Covert Homeland Security Gun Case is perfect for an AR-15, M4, AK-47, Sig 556, etc. plus a handgun like a Glock, 1911 or XDm.

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UTG Covert Homeland Security Gun Case

UTG Covert Homeland Security Gun Case1

UTG Covert Homeland Security Gun Case2

UTG Covert Homeland Security Gun Case3

Pelican Assault Rifle Case

The Pelican 1720 Assault Rifle case is the top of the line protection for your AR-15 rifle. These cases are super tough and indestructible. Don’t settle for less.


Here are the features of the Pelican 1720 rifle case:

  • Watertight
  • Crush proof
  • Dust proof
  • Easy open latches
  • 0-ring seal
  • Pressure equalization valves
  • Stainless steel reinforced padlock protectors
  • Interior Dimensions: 42 x 13.5 x 5.25

All Pelican cases get nothing but great reviews. These cases are simply the best there are. If you want the best then get a Pelican Case.

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