Cerakote Firearm Coating

I always see people asking about various firearm coatings in the gun forums. There are many available and can transform a firearm into a work of art or weapon of stealth. Cerakote is one of the available firearm coatings.

Cerakote Gun Coating

I read a lot about firearm coatings before trying Cerakote. Cerakote’s website is impressive and very informative. The various element tests and product properties won me over. I decided to try Cerakote on my Taurus PT1911 which had a very poor blue on it anyway. I was wanting superior protection and lubrication.

I found a local gunsmith that was trained to coat firearms with Cerakote. There were many colors to choose from and it was like a kid in the candy store. Which color and for what part of the Taurus????

I decided on 2 colors. Matte Black for everything except the barrel. The barrel would get Sniper Gray. Two weeks later my Taurus was ready. It cost $125 for the 2 tone coating. It looked fantastic!! When I racked the slide, it sounded different and felt smoother. I was impressed.

After shooting the Cerakote Taurus, I noticed that it was easier to clean. The carbon fouling seemed to wipe off easily.

I was totally satisfied with the coating and best of all…it looked GREAT!!

If you are contemplating Cerakote….Do It!!

This is ideal for coating stainless steel after market barrels from Lone Wolf, KKM or Storm Lake if you want your Glock to look original… see article on Glock Secrets Revealed.