Lightning Strike Products – Ultimate Glock Parts

Lightning Strike Products makes high performance parts for the Glock pistol. If you are wanting to make your Glock perform a tad better (if that’s possible) than take a look at Lightning Strike Products. They have top of the line Titanium Glock strikers, safety plungers, guide rods, magazine wells and pads and tools.

These performance parts can make your Glock perform just a tad better. I know you probably are saying, “How?”

Well for one the OEM Glock trigger is good but it could be better. The stock trigger pull is about 5.5-6 lbs and there is a bit of over-travel. I like a 3.5 lb trigger pull and shoot more accurately with this weight. I’m going to get a Pyramid Trigger System from the GlockStore Performance Center. It’s a 3.5 lb trigger with less creek and over-travel. I already ordered this Glock Ti striker,LS Titanium Glock Striker

Anyway LS or Lightning Strike makes an awesome Titanium Glock Striker. Not only is Ti an awesome material for a striker because it it super strong and light weight (60% lighter than steel) BUT it is also Titanium Nitride coated. This Ti Ni coating is super hard and super slick. It’s hardness is Rockwell 70. The light weight reduces lock time which can attribute to better accuracy. The striker is also corrosion proof.

LS Titanium Glock Striker-1

LS Titanium Glock Striker-2

LS Titanium Glock Striker-3

LS Titanium Glock Striker-4

Here is a video from the GlockStore Performance Center with Lenny Magills demonstrating the LS Ti striker and installing it.

Glock Dry Fire Practice

Want to perfect your Glock shooting skills at home?

We all know that dry firing is the best way to improve your shooting skills but with a Glock you have to rack the slide every time you want to pull the trigger. This becomes a pain in the butt very quickly. So what do you do?

Well,,,say hello to the Ultimate Dry Fire Practice Kit from the GlockStore Performance Center.

glock dry fire practice kit

The kit includes a trigger reset which allows you to pull the trigger multiple times without cycling the slide, Magic Bullet laser system and 3 laser activated targets.

Here is the introduction video with Lenny Magills.

Replacing the OEM Glock Safety Plunger

Replacing/upgrading the safety plunger in the Glock can smooth and lighten the trigger pull. Trigger pull plays a huge part in accuracy. A lighter and smoother trigger will enable you to keep the sights aligned and on target.

The LS Titanium safety plunger is smoother, rounded and coated with Titanium Nitride to reduce friction/tension. This is the best safety plunger available.

Glock LS Titanium safety plunger

The great thing about Glocks is they are very easy to work on. Replacing the safety plunger will only take about 5 minutes and anyone can do it.

Here is how easy it is to replace/upgrade the Glock safety plunger.

How to Install Truglo Tritium Fiber Optic Sights on a Glock (Video)

Installing sights on a Glock pistol is actually pretty simple…if you have the right tools.

Kaiser Uni-200L

This is the Kaiser UNI-TOOL Sight Installation Tool

I love DIY stuff. It gives me great satisfaction to do my own upgrades on my firearms…like the Glock.

The Glock OEM sights are very good but fiber optic sights are better in low lighting. So if you are thinking about replacing your Glock sights, watch these 3 videos and then buy the right tools to make it easy.

Truglo Tritium Fiber Optic Sights – Glock Part 1


Truglo Tritium Fiber Optic Sights – Glock Part 2

Truglo Tritium Fiber Optic Sights – Glock Part 3

Glock 20 Conversion Barrels

The Glock is one of the most versatile handguns available. There are a whole slew of upgrade parts that can customize a Glock. Most upgrades can be performed by anyone with a fair amount of mechanical ability. This is one reason I really like the Glock. I can replace the barrel without a gunsmith or upgrade the trigger or recoil spring. I enjoy doing this type of work myself.

Glock 20 conversion barrel

So if you own a Glock 20, you are NOT restricted to 10 mm auto ammo. You can actually convert it to shoot 40 S&W, .357 Sig and 9 mm. It’s a real simple conversion that anyone can do. Just buy a Glock 20 conversion barrel from Lone Wolf or Storm Lake or KKM. Then just replace the factory barrel with the conversion barrel and you’re ready to shoot. The 9mm Glock 20 conversion barrel may require a lighter recoil spring and of course a Glock 17 magazine.

The Glock 20 will also accept the 460 Rowland conversion which gives you 44 Mag power in a semi-auto handgun. The compensator reduces about 50-60% of the recoil so it is very easy to shoot.

Most Lone Wolf conversion barrels are around $115, if you select a ported barrel then it’s about $125. It is very cheap to do a Glock conversion and gives you 2 guns in one.

I have a Lone Wolf Distributing conversion barrel (.357 Sig) for my Glock 22 and I absolutely love it. It’s reliable and accurate. I gave it a 5 star rating.

Installing the Pyramid Trigger System in a Glock

The Glock pistol has a fairly decent trigger system…not too much travel and the trigger pull weight is around 5.5 lbs. This is not bad for a combat or self defense gun. But if you want to shoot competition or just shoot faster and more accurate then you might want to modify the Glock trigger system.

pryamid trigger for glock

The BEST trigger system for the Glock is the Pyramid Trigger System. It allows you to adjust trigger pre-travel, over-travel and pull weight. You can customize the trigger to fit your preferences.

These videos will give you a idea of how the Glock Pyramid Trigger System works and how to install it.