Lone Wolf Glock Barrel with Alpha Wolf Comp

The Glock is an awesome handgun and is very versatile. You can change barrels easily with zero gunsmithing. You can buy a barrel, install it in your Glock and then shoot another caliber. It’s 2 + guns in one.

Here’s a video review of the Wolf 10 mm Auto Glock barrel and the Alpha Wolf compensator. The Wolf barrel is threaded to accept the compensator. The comp really reduces recoil.

16 Bore Double Barrel Howdah Pistol

I’m a huge Big Bore aficionado and so, here’s something unique and certainly a Big Bore….


Made by hand by Colin Stolzer or Stolzer and Sons.


16 bore and black powder fueled.


Double hammers and triggers just like a double rifle…Nice!




Attention to detail is excellent.


Wood to metal fit is very tight.


New Remington R51 9mm Review

Remington’s latest handgun release is the R51 semi automatic. I have to say that I wasn’t impressed with the appearance at all. It’s ugly and looks kind of cheap. And people think the Glock is ugly????

remington r51

remington r51 1

remington r51 2

Anyway… I have not tested the R51 nor have I held one. Here is a video demonstrating the Remington R51 and it’s shortcomings.

Biggest Caliber Handgun Ever Made

Here is the biggest caliber handgun ever made. And you thought the .500 S&W Magnum was big?

2 bore pistol

Meet the Stolzer and Sons 2 Bore Pistol. A 2 bore has a bore diameter of 1.325″

2 bore pisto-2

Built 100% from scratch….steel bar and block of Walnut…and lots of hours.

2 bore pistol-1

100% hand made and 100’s of hours.

2 bore pisto-3

Surely one-of-a-kind. I’d love to have one just to have it.

I really love Big Bores.