Lead Free BB Gun Pellets

I like to shoot my air rifle in the backyard a lot so I’m becoming eco-friendly. I don’t shoot bbs because the ricochet and could hit something other than the target. I shoot pellets exclusively and lead free ones at that. I do not want to handle lead with my bare hands nor have it all over the backyard. Thank GOD for lead free bb pellets. Now I don’t have to worry about handling dangerous metal or having it in the yard. There are quite a few companies that make lead free pellets, Daisy, Gamo, Crosman, Beeman, Hyper-Velocity, H&N, etc.

Lead free pellets are lighter than lead and so you will get slightly higher velocities. They are as accurate as lead and will not foul the barrel. They are a little more expensive but worth the safety.

Daisy lead free pellets

Daisy Outdoor Products Lead Free .177 Pellets (Silver, 4.5 mm)


crosman lead free pellets

Crosman Silver Eagle Lead .177 Caliber Free Pellets, 250-Pack


lead free pellets

Hyper-Velocity Lead Free Field Pellets, Type 3 – Long Range, .177 Cal, 8.5 Grains, Pointed, 150ct


lead free pellets 2

H&N Baracuda Green, Lead Free, .177 Cal, 6.48 Grains, Round Nose, 200ct


crosman lead free pellets fp

Crosman PowerShot Gold Flight Penetrator Pellets, .177 Cal, 8.5 Grains, Pointed, Lead-Free, 125ct


blue arrow lead free pellets

Skenco Blue Arrow .177 Cal, 6.4 Grains, Pointed, Lead-Free, 250ct Skenco Blue Arrow .177 Cal, 6.4 G

Crosman Pellgunoil for Air Rifles

Air rifles and BB guns must also be lubricated to prevent rust and dirt build up. I use Crosman Pellgunoil to clean and lubricate my Daisy Powerline 880 BB gun. I usually clean and oil it every other month depending on how much I shoot it.

Here is what I buy and use… Crosman Pellgunoil® Air Gun Lubricating Oil (1/4 ounces)

Don’t forget to stock up on BB’s too… Crosman Copperhead BBs (6000 count)

Crosman Copperhead BBs

Soft Air AK-47 Full Auto Airsoft Rifle

Airsoft guns enable anyone to shoot in their own backyard or inside your house. The plastic BB’s make this possible. The Soft Air AK-47 assault rifle looks and feels like the real AK-47.

You can practice your combat skills in your own backyard. The Soft Air AK-47 is an electric airsoft gun and has a muzzle velocity of 475 fps and a full auto rate of fire of 600 rpm. The upper receiver and barrel are metal which makes it feel like a real Kalashnikov. The magazine holds 600 rounds. It is powered by a 8.4v 1200mah battery which is rechargeable. There are tactical rails for accessory attachments.

You can hit a target the size of a quarter from 40 feet.

Save over 25% on the Soft Air Kalishnikov Tactical AK47 Electric Powered Airsoft Rifle

Airsoft AK-47 rifle

Crosman White Airsoft BB’s

Airsoft guns are the greatest invention since the crockpot. These guns look and feel like real weapons. You can fire them in city limits like your backyard and even inside your house. They are fairly quiet and the BB’s are safe and non-toxic. You can practice tactical manuevers inside and out and you don’t have to drive to a shooting range or 2 hours from your home.

Airsoft BB’s are very cheap and Crosman makes some of the best. Here is a bottle of 5,000 white airsoft BB’s. These are .24 caliber and made from non-toxic plastic.

Crosman AirSoft 5,000 ct. Bottle White Heavy AirSoft BBs

Crosman airsoft BB's

HK MP5 Machine Gun BB Gun

The Umarex HK MP5 BB gun is a life-like replication of the famous German MP5 machine gun. The Umarex MP5 is a semi-automatic .177 BB gun with a 40 shot magazine. The muzzle velocity is 400 fps which is great for target practice and small game hunting or pest control. The MP5 BB gun has a realistic recoil action. It has a folding stock and drop out magazine. It is powered by one 12G CO2 cartridge. This is a fun gun to play with in the backyard or out in open land.

Here is a link where you can buy the Umarex HK MP5 BB Gun…Umarex HK MP5 BB Gun


Benjamin EB22 .22 Cal Pellet Gun

The Benjamin EB22 is a .22 caliber air gun that features a bolt action. This is a well made air gun from the high end air gun manufacturer, Benjamin. Benjamin air guns are known for their quality and longevity. The barrel is .22 caliber and rifled for accuracy. The muzzle velocity is 430 fps which is great for target practice or small game hunting. The action operates off of a CO2 cartridge so there is no pumping required. The Benjamin EB22 is made in the USA.

Click Here to Buy the Benjamin EB22 Air Pistol