Double Barrel 1911 Pistol?

I absolutely love double rifles…but a double pistol? and a 1911 at that????

Arsenal double barrel 1911

Arsenal brilliantly produced this 1911 with double barrels. Certainly a one-of-a-kind. And at $6,000, I don’t expect them to fly off the shelves.

I hate field stripping 1911 pistols with one barrel…I can’t imagine 2 barrels!!!

Arsenal double barrel 1911-1Arsenal double barrel 1911-2

Looks like quite a handful!

Arsenal Strike One Pistol – Shot Show 2014

The Arsenal Strike-One is a brand new pistol from Arsenal Firearms. It’s a semi-auto blowback design similar to the Glock. The frame is polymer with a metal slide assembly. It field strips very much like a Glock….but its no Glock.

Arsenal Strike One

They claim it’s more accurate because the barrel does not tilt to unlock. The barrel moves straight back upon firing. Just how accurate does a self defense pistol need to be? From a machine rest and with a laser sight, the Strike One can produce 3″ 100 yards groups. That is impressive. So when will you need to engage a soft target at 100 yards with a handgun? Maybe if you shoot competition. Self defense? I don’t think so.

Anyway it is a nice looking weapon. I have yet to find an accurate price though. Wait and see when it becomes available.

From Shot Show 2014 here is the all new Arsenal Strike-One pistol.

Ruger SR22 Semi-auto Pistol

The Ruger SR22 is a semi-auto pistol in .22 LR. I have been wanting a .22 LR pistol for target practice and small game hunting. I love the Ruger Mark III but hate how you have to field strip it…so I will not buy one. I’m not a Ruger handgun buyer but I have to admit the SR22 is not bad looking. Something I like even more than the looks is how it field strips. It’s very easy to take down similar to a Glock. The Ruger SR22 barrel is fixed and not removable. This is one reason it is so accurate.

Ruger SR22

Here is an excellent video review of the Ruger SR22 Pistol. I may take a closer look at this gun. It’s priced right…at about $300.

Shoot 40 S&W in a 10 mm Glock 20?

Can you shoot 40 S&W ammo in a 10 mm Glock 20? The 10 mm is longer than the 40 S&W…will the 40 S&W feed and cycle through the 10 mm Glock?

10mm vs 40S&W

.357 sig on the left…10mm in the center…40 S&W on the right

Some people on the Internet say, NO.

Watch this video and see.

Compensated Guns for Home Defense?

So the question is whether to use a compensated handgun for home defense or not. If you’re not familiar with a compensator, it is a device attached to the barrel or ports in a barrel that redirect gases to reduce recoil. The gases are vented out of the top of the barrel/slide.

Glock 23C

I just watched a video on Youtube where the person stated that he could not use a Glock 23C for home defense because of the ported or compensated barrel. His justification was that the hot gases escaping from the ports could harm someone in close proximity.

If you are engaging an intruder in your house, who is going to be right next to you?

Is this a legitimate reason to not use a compensated handgun for home defense?

I say it’s a personal choice. I would certainly use one.

So lets look at the possible dangers of a compensated or ported handgun. The gases escaping from the ports are extremely hot and can burn your skin if close enough. But how close does your skin need to be to get a serious burn? I would guess your skin would have to be closer than 6 inches.

A logical question might also be; in a life or death situation, how important is it to consider a skin burn? How often is another person going to be next to you when you face an intruder? I can’t imagine anyone being next to me when engaging an intruder.

Here is my practice. I send my wife to the bedroom closet while I clear the house.

I really do not see a situation where you could not use a compensated handgun for home defense. If you have one and shoot it well then use it.

I believe you can use a ported or compensated handgun for home defense.

Important Considerations Before Buying a Gun

One consideration that few people think about when purchasing a gun is field stripping or the ease of. Why is this important?

If a firearm is difficult to field strip then you are less likely to clean it often or clean it well. You might not shoot the gun because you don’t want to field strip it and clean it. Getting frustrated with a firearm is not a good situation. Shooting and cleaning a firearm should be easy and fun. This is one reason I have 3 Glocks. They are fun to shoot and easy to clean.

Here is an example of my thoughts. I want a .22 LR pistol and have been looking at the Ruger Mark III. It’s a super gun…accurate, well made and looks great. And it’s inexpensive too, about $400.

Ruger Mark III pistol

So why don’t I have one yet?

…it’s a pain in the butt to field strip..or actually putting it back together is a pain in the butt. I like to shoot a lot and so I have to clean my guns a lot. I’m not sure I want a gun that is difficult to put back together after cleaning. My Glocks have me spoiled. They are a snap to take apart and put together.

Here is a video showing you what I mean about field stripping the Ruger Mark III