Cass Creek Waggler Predator Decoy

If you can keep a predator or varmint distracted, they are less likely to look around and detect you. You can keep them on the go with a good game caller and a decoy. The game caller will keep their ears busy and a decoy will keep their eyes locked on. This makes it less likely they will look for danger or something out of the ordinary. If you keep their mind busy, they will come in to you.

The perfect decoy or distraction is the Cass Creek Waggler. The Waggler does 3 things for you. 1. a moving decoy to keep a predator’s eyes glued 2. built in game call sounds will keep a predator’s ears tuned in 3. Scent chamber provides a favorite scent for any predator.

The Waggle is easy to setup and control with a remote and is highly effective.

Cass Creek Waggler Coyote Decoy System

Cass Creek Waggler Predator Decoy

Successful Turkey Hunt Video

Turkey hunting can really test your hunting skills to the max. Turkey’s are very intelligent and see and hear extremely well. You have to blend in with the surroundings and be able to call them in. It takes patience to take a turkey in the wild.

Watch the pros hunting turkey.

Turkey Hunting with Louis Cusack

God I love turkey hunting. Turkey’s are very large birds and very smart. If they detect you, they will bolt. You have to be invisible or you will not be successful at all.

Watch Louis Cusack and company call in a couple of huge turkeys and take one with a Remington shotgun.

Setting Up and Taking Down the Ameristep Doghouse Blind

Blinds make it easier or possible to hunt game without be detected or seen. They are a must have for predator hunting and deer hunting. Ameristep makes some of the best hunting blinds available. The really great thing about Ameristep blinds is the ease of setting one up and taking it down. They are amazing!

Watch how the Ameristep Doghouse hunting blind is setup and taken down. It’s very easy once you know how to do it. It only takes less than a minute.

Ameristep Brickhouse Hunting Blind

The Ameristep Brickhouse hunting blind enables you to hunt without spooking game. You can call game in close while hidden inside this roomy camo blind. Just sit and wait for game to wander by. It also protects you from foul weather like rain, sleet and snow because of its unique roofing

The Brickhouse blind is easy to setup and take down. All you have to do is pull it out of its packed state and stand it up. It’s that easy. Fiberglass poles keep the blind upright while stakes secure it down. There are 10 mesh windows that allow you to shoot through. The brickhouse blind comes with a backpack case. It measures 75″ x 75″ x 66″ unfolded and 12″ x 46″ packed up. The weight is 18 lbs.