Tactical Knife – Benchmade 275 Adamas

When it comes to knives, Benchmade is the King. They are made from the finest materials and are extremely tough. Their edge remains keen for many years of use. Aside from the functionality and workmanship, Benchmade knives look cool as heck.

The Benchmade 275 Adamas is a combat/tactical knife designed for combat use in the harshest of conditions and to withstand use and abuse in the front line. The blade is D2 Tool Steel with a hardness of 60-62 RHC. The handle is tan G10 with a lanyard hole and full stainless liners.

The retail price is $195 but you can save almost 30% here…Benchmade 275 BKSN Adamas Tactical Knife

Benchmade 275 Adamas Knife


Here is a video review of the Benchmade 275 Adamas Tactical knife. You can get a better idea of the size and construction of this knife.

SOG Knife Demo at 2012 Shot Show

I really love SOG knives and multi-tools. They are high quality, sharp and reliable. The designs are ingenious and work really well. I have a SOG multi-tool and never go out without it. It has everything from pliers to blades to files. You just never know what you will need in an emergency.

Here is the SOG Knife and Multi-tool Demo at the 2012 Shot Show

Swiss Army Champion Pocket Knife

As far as multi-tools are concerned, you have 2 choices, Multi-tool pliers and the best EDC knives. Both have extreme versatility for camping, hunting, survival and tactical purposes. Both feature a myriad of tools and are well made. But they differ in a number of ways.


Depending on what features are important to you, you may prefer one over the other. The pocket knife operates like most folding blade knives while the multi-tool pliers store its tools or blades in the handle and is more involved to use. The pocket knife style like the Swiss Army knife is more compact.

The Swiss Army Champion Pocket Knife has 33 tools at its disposal. The Swiss Army Knife is a very high quality tool and lasts a lifetime. I have had one for over 2 years and use it frequently. I love it.

Here is a list of Pros of the Swiss Army Champion

  • Compact size 3.5 inches
  • Scissors – great for paper, fishing line, clothing, etc.
  • Tweezers – splinters, ticks, thorns and untying knots
  • Pliers/wire cutters – very precision made and great for holding all kinds of things and cutting fishing line and leaders
  • Saw Blade – best saw I’ve ever used…great for small branches and wood
  • Clip Point Knife Blades – super sharp like a scalpel or razor blade.
  • Fish Scaler/Ruler – never scaled any fish but used ruler
  • Magnifying Glass – used many times to remove splinters and start a fire. Really nice.
  • Mini Pen – you never know when you’ll need to write down something
  • Awl – great for punching round holes in leather
  • Corkscrew/micro screwdriver – micro screwdriver is very handy inside the corkscrew for eye glass screws and watches
  • Can Opener – can save the day but is tiresome to open several cans
  • Plastic Toothpick – use this all the time to pluck food out of teeth
  • Phillips Screwdriver – precision made and fits screw heads tightly
  • Mini Chisel – great for removing wood from windows and doors that won’t shut
  • File – great for fingernail snags, sharpening fish hooks, etc.

The Swiss Army Champion Pocket Knife gets 4.5 stars from me. I would have given it a 5 star rating if the blades were locking.

You can get one here… Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Champ Pocket Knife (Red)

Or if you like the Multi Tool Pliers…Leatherman 830040 New Wave Multi-Tool with Nylon Sheath

Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Knife

The Gerber Bear Grylls survival knife is the ultimate survival knife that will stand up to the harshest environments. The grip is ergonomic and is quite comfortable for any size hand. The thick 4.75 inch drop point stainless steel blade has a versatile serrated edge that will cut through any non-metallic materials. The hardened steel blade edge will stay sharp for a long time. It will make short work of ropes, seat belts, clothing, animal hide, brush, small branches, plastics and other materials.


The Gerber Bear Grylls Survival knife has one of the best designed grips with a rubberized material that is textured for a good non-slip surface. You don’t want to loose your grip if your hands or the knife get wet. This is bound to happen in the wilderness.

The knife’s handle has 2 holes for securing it to a stick or pole. The handle also has a steel pommel that can be used as a hammer. A tough lanyard helps to keep the knife with you during hikes in the wilderness. The lanyard also provides an emergency whistle for any emergency type situations.

The Bear Grylls survival knife weighs around 13 oz and is 10 inches in length. It comes with a military grade nylon sheath. The sheath contains a diamond sharpener and a fire starter rod. Never get caught outdoors without a fire starter of some sort. Death from exposure can happen in a few hours.