US Monthly Give Away – FREE AMMO

US is going to start a monthly give-away. Every month there will be a gun related product(s) that will be given away FREE to a lucky person who’s name is drawn at the end of the month. I put everyone’s name in a bowl and choose one.


Products that will be given away FREE include:

  • Ammunition
  • Gun Cases
  • Optics
  • Gun Cleaning products
  • Gun Accessories
  • Clothing

So how do you enter for the monthly drawing?

…just email your full name to kevin (at) us-shooter dot com and put “Monthly Give Away” in the subject line. You can only enter once per month*. I will announce the winner each month and contact the winner for a Ship To address.

****If you have a website, blog, facebook page or are a member of a gun related forum and you add a link to, you will get 2 entries for the monthly drawing, and if you use Instagram you will get Instant Instagram views immediately.


I will announce the first US Give Away shortly. The first Give Away will either be 100 rounds of 9 mm or 5.56 ammo from an American ammunition manufacturer. I may also include NEW gun cleaning or gun oil products.

Stay tuned.

Crime Statistics and Guns, Knives and Hands?

I love statistics…especially crime stats involving regulation…like guns.

Let’s look at 2013 crime in Atlantic City, New Jersey, as reported by the State of New Jersey, Department of Law and Public Safety,.where gun laws are ridiculous…I mean strict.

In 2013 there were 367 robberies in Atlantic City. Now let’s look at what instruments were used to commit the crimes.

  • Firearm – 114
  • Knife or cutting instrument – 27
  • Other dangerous weapon – 14
  • Strong Arm (hands, fists, etc) – 212

There are almost twice as many robberies committed by individuals using their hands or fists than firearms. Now that’s interesting. By these stats you can deduce that the real problem is people not weapons. Most of the robbers had no weapon.

Why don’t politicians and anti-gun people get this??? Weapons don’t kill…people do.

Here is another example…California..where they are imposing the firearm ammo stamp bill. Good #!^* luck!

Violent and property crime rates per 100,000 people is 50% lower than 10 years ago in the state of California. The homicide rate is 18% lower than 10 years ago. Aggravated assault and forcible rape are also lower by 2.7% and 7.1% respectively.

Crime in California is much lower now than 10 years ago yet state officials think they need to violate the 2nd Amendment by requiring ammunition stamping in all semi-auto firearms so that LE can track down firearms used in crime easier. Approximately 75% of assault crimes in California were with weapons other than firearms.

Ammunition case stamping does nothing to reduce crime. Law makers are supposed to reduce crime right? Crime has been going down for 10 years without any gun legislation. So now they decide to do something????

Here is a link to crime stats in California

Say Goodbye to Gun Sales in California – Assembly Bill 1471

Say goodbye to semi auto gun sales in California!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since California passed the Assembly Bill 1471, which states that firearms manufacturers must implement technology (semi auto guns only) that marks (micro-stamping) or stamps a gun’s serial number and other information onto the cartridge casing upon firing, gun manufacturers are pulling out of California.

This is supposed to help LE track guns that were used in crimes. What about stolen guns?

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Are you #!*&^# kidding!!!!!!

I can’t believe California’s government is that stupid. Do they really think firearms manufacturers are going to do this to every semi auto gun???? And just for California sales???

NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ruger and Smith and Wesson have already stated that they will not include this technology in any of their firearms. They have also stated they will no longer sell semi auto firearms in California.

OMG..I love this. I’m glad Ruger and S&W took a firm stance on this crap!

Every semi auto gun manufacturer is going to follow very shortly. It’s just a ridiculous requirement.

Other states, Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts are also considering this requirement on semi-auto firearms.

I’m sure glad I don’t live in any of those states!!!!

Assault Weapon Ban???

Remember the Assault Weapons Ban talks a year ago? What happened?

When I heard Obama/Congress (Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced the AWB) talking about another Assault Weapons Ban about 1 year ago, I was shocked because just about every firearms manufacturer has an AR-15…even Mossberg. I couldn’t imagine a ban when everyone was selling them and tons of them too. A year ago, you could not find an AR-15 or AK-47 to buy. Now you can buy anything you want…inventory is good….thanks to things settling down, politically speaking (no more firearms bans).

…send Senator Dianne Feinstein to Russia and Somalia for a while and see how well a gun ban works.

So what happened? Politics as usual. I think congress knew it would piss off a lot of people…and really do no good at all (like the last AWB). It’s hard to believe they made a good decision to drop the ball on the AWB.

I guess the high capacity magazine ban was also dropped. After all how would that stop gun violence? I guess congress (and Gabby Gifford) doesn’t realize you can carry more than one magazine. I carry a Glock 22 with 2 extra that’s 45 rounds.

Anti-gun activists still think that if all firearms were banned there would be no crime or violence. Hello Africa!!! Nobody in Africa has guns (except militia groups) because they are too poor to buy one. They can’t even feed themselves let alone buy guns. So it must be safer there than the US right????

Africa has the highest crime rates in the world.

African Militia

Stop Gun Violence or Just Violence?

Does our government want to stop gun violence or just violence?

All of the gun bans and/or gun restriction proposals (and anit-gun activists too) are aimed at stopping gun violence. So what’s wrong with this?

Let me ask another question to get you thinking. If we stop/eliminate gun violence, will all violent crimes decrease? Would it significantly lower overall crime?

It would not and here’s why.

Let’s look at a specific incident to analyze the real problem. Let’s take a closer look at the 2011 shooting in Tucson where Gabby Gifford was shot along with 18 others. So what was the real threat in this incident? Was it the Glock handgun or Jared Lee Loughner?

gabby giffords shooting

If we take each one these participants out of the picture, we can easily see what the real threat was. If we take the gun out of the picture, is there still a threat to Gabby Gifford and her staff? The answer is YES. Jared Loughner wanted to kill. Now let’s take Jared Loughner out of the picture. Does the Glock handgun pose a threat to Gabby Gifford and her staff. NO. It’s just a product of metal and polymer.

So the real threat was, obviously, the person behind the crime not the instrument used in the attack. Jared Loughner would have carried out his attack even if guns were unavailable. He could have used a bomb, poison or a vehicle to carry out his terrorist attack. Can you imagine how many would have been injured or killed if Jared Loughner used a bomb similar to the ones in the Boston Marathon?

Our well educated and wealthy politicians like to point fingers and blame everyone BUT the criminal. This incident was partly blamed on Sarah Palin for the use of crosshairs on a national midterm election map. Oh come on!!! Really? So that caused the shooting? Wake up congress!!!!

I will leave you with this tidbit….Russia has very little Gun Violence (guns are banned) BUT A VERY HIGH CRIME RATE.