Muzzle Brakes for Shotguns – Grizzly Gun Works

12 gauge shotguns are known to kick fairly hard, especially short barreled defensive shotguns firing 3″ magnums. But you don’t have to put up with a lot of recoil if you don’t want to. There’s a solution.

…a muzzle brake. A muzzle brake can reduce recoil from 30% – 60%.

Grizzly Gun Works makes some interesting muzzle brakes for rifles, pistols and shotguns. They give you 2 options. A threaded muzzle brake or a clamp-on muzzle brake. The clamp on design allows you to install it without having the barrel threaded by a gunsmith. The clamp on brake allows you to install and remove the brake leaving your shotgun barrel untouched.

Grizzly clamp on muzzle brake 3

Grizzly clamp on muzzle brake

Grizzly clamp on muzzle brake 2

Watch the Grizzly Gun Works muzzle brake in action on a 12 gauge shotgun.