Lehigh Defense Xtreme Penetrator Bullets

History of Lehigh Defense Xtreme Penetrator

Lehigh Defense XP Penetrator Bullets

After the success of their Maximum Expansion bullets (which provided a devastating wound channel with reduced risk of over penetration) and Controlled Fracturing bullets (one of the most unique projectiles ever designed), Lehigh Defense decided to focus on innovating and updating the design of one of the late Elmer Keith’s creations, the hard cast Semi-Wad Cutter.

The original SWC Keith bullet filled a niche early on as it helped hunters face dangerous game with penetration measured in feet instead of inches. Unfortunately, the early copper-jacketed lead core hunting bullets that were in use at the time, often delivered less than ideal performance, as they:

· disintegrated upon contact with tough shoulder bone

· were unable to withstand the high velocity of the Magnum Cartridges at close range

· failed to expand enough at greater distances to produce a significant would hole

While the SWC wasn’t a perfect bullet, it was an improvement over the copper-jacketed lead core bullets, striking a balance between good penetration and respectable terminal performance (probably the reason it’s still with us today). That’s why, in 2011, Lehigh Defense started to innovate and update the design.

To overcome the limitations of the SWC Keith bullet, Lehigh Defense decided to design a bullet that would never break apart upon contact with a shoulder bone, one with sufficient length for straight line penetration, but less weight than a conventional hard cast lead bullet.

In the Spring of 2014, after 3 long years of development, Lehigh Defense released the Xtreme Penetrator (XP), a next generation bullet that looks mean and delivers a high level of terminal performance (which is easily confirmed upon witnessing a test fire into 10% ballistic gel).

Ultimately, the XP has exceeded all early design expectations. The “X” nose design is as wide as a traditional SWC design, but the cut-out flutes on the sides and top reduce the surface area enough to allow it to penetrate deeper but maintain higher velocity during penetration.

Since the XP bullet is lead-free, it is significantly lighter than leaded counterparts, which results in less recoil and increased velocities with equal powder charges. The XP design delivers plenty of penetration and unbelievable terminal performance while maintaining 100% of its original weight (regardless of what it comes into contact with).

With looks to kill and performance that does just that, the XP has become Lehigh’s recommended go-to bullet for functionality and design in a single bullet. Visit Lehigh Defense to learn more about the Xtreme Pentrator and all of their innovative projectiles.

See the Xtreme Penetrator in action at:

.380 ACP Lehigh Defense XP Penetrator Ballistic Gel Test Video

Lehigh Defense Controlled Chaos Bullets – The Story

The Story Behind Lehigh Defense Controlled Chaos

Controlled Chaos Bullet

In 2011, Lehigh Defense was approached by a park management agency and asked to design a more environmentally-friendly high-terminal-performance bullet to assist in their animal culling efforts. While previous lead bullets had acceptable terminal performance, the agency wanted to evolve to a more ecologically sound solution.

The mission was challenging, but clear: Lehigh Defense was to create a lead-free “green” bullet that would enter and fell an animal, without exiting. In other words, we needed to design and perfect a new technology using a lead alternative that would travel straight, strike accurately, cause maximum internal damage, and leave no exit wound.

Noting the agency’s previous failed attempts to substitute with other manufacturer’s copper powder matrix bullets (due to lack of terminal performance), we immediately went to the shop and began evaluating new materials, prototyping unique designs, and testing various specifications and configurations. After considerable research and exhaustive range work, we emerged with the .243 Controlled Chaos bullet.

This revolutionary 2-piece lead-free bullet:

– broke at the nose,

– fractured into progressively larger particles at a predetermined depth,

– with the smaller pieces creating a massive initial wound cavity,

– and the larger particles penetrating deeper into other organs,

– distributing shot placement at or near the central nervous system, and

– delivering the terminal performance necessary to bring down larger game,

– all in an environmentally-friendly lead-free bullet.

In addition, through careful engineering, our .243 Controlled Chaos bullet fragments were all contained within their target, never exiting to become a pass-through threat that could endanger unintended nearby targets.

Controlled Chaos Gel Test

Needless to say, the agency was incredibly pleased with our efforts and the bullet continues to perform as requested to this day. But the story doesn’t end there…

Recognizing the incredible potential of this new technology for hunting applications, we returned to the shop and worked to create a Controlled Chaos bullet that would deliver the same terminal performance, but produce a small off-side hole to provide a blood trail for tracking (should one be needed).

The result of this second round of engineering and testing is the 1-piece Controlled Chaos bullet, which:

– impacts and fragments into lethal particles at a predetermined depth,

– creates a massive temporary cavity with multiple wounds,

– distributes shot placement at or near the central nervous system,

– conveys a base that continues to penetrate and ultimately exit the target once the nose fractures off, and

– delivers the terminal performance necessary to bring down larger game

– all in an environmentally-friendly lead-free bullet.

From a complex challenge to produce an environmentally-friendly, lead-free evolution to the development of the ultimate hunting bullet, Controlled Chaos has been a learning experience and a definite move forward for both Lehigh Defense and the firearms industry.

Cutting Edge MZL Raptor Bullets

Cutting Edge just released a brand new projectile for muzzle loaders…the MZL Raptor.

Cutting Edge MZL Raptor Bullets

Check out these beauties. CNC machined from solid copper. They are super precision and accurate plus explosive inside big game.

The MZL Raptor is designed to loose the nose cap after 1.5 to 2 inches of penetration. Then the side blades or petals expand outward and shear off. These petals continue traveling causing more tissue destruction. The center base continues in a straight line, punching a large hole through the vitals.

Cutting Edge MZL Raptor Bullets Expanded

5 projectiles in one, the MZL Raptor is amazing.

The MZL Raptor muzzle loader bullet is available in .50 caliber and 2 weights…160 grain and 250 grain.

Cutting Edge Bullets

When you need the very best.

Sagebrush Quality Bullet Molds

Sagebrush Bullet Molds are American Made and high quality. Sagebrush bullet molds are made from continuous cast gray iron similar to ASTM A48 class 40. It’s very uniform and dense which makes it perfect for bullet casting. This continuous casting process insures a fine grained microstructure. Molten metal is pushed through a die instead of being cast in the traditional pour and cool method. Sagebrush blocks are larger than most such as RCBS or Lee which allows a longer bullet without the nose being too close to the edge of the block. Heat distribution is improved with the larger blocks.

The bullet molds are precision cut on modern CNC machines.

Sagebrush moulds

Sagebrush sprue plates are very thick at 0.250″. This allows more material to be forced into the mold.

Sagebrush moulds 3

Sagebrush moulds 4

Block alignment pins are nitride hardened taper lock to provide perfect alignment and wear resistance.

Sagebrush moulds 1

These large block accommodate long bullets without any heat distribution issues.

Sagebrush moulds 2

These are high quality Iron bullet molds. Notice the venting cut into the block to improve lead fill out.

20 Gauge Cast Bullets – 950 Grains

If you like big bores than take a look at these beauties.

20 gauge cast bullets

This is a Steve Brooks mould. It’s a 20 gauge or .616 diameter cast bullet for the 20 gauge from hell or regular slug in a 20 gauge plastic shotshell. Steve Brooks makes fantastic bullet moulds…most likely the best.

20 gauge cast bullets-1

That’s a 956 grain slug. Nice!!! You could possibly shoot these in the .600 Nitro Express.

12 Gauge from Hell 1085 Grain Bullets

12 Gauge from Hell 1085 grain copper solid…its a big chunk of copper!! The 12 Gauge From Hell is a wildcat/modified 12 gauge shotshell featuring a brass case instead of plastic and lengthened to 3.5″. The ballistics are quite impressive while maintaining low pressures.

12 gauge from hell

The .729″ 12 gauge solid copper bullet next to a .375 soft point. The .729 solid weighs 1085 grains.

12 gauge from hell-1