Lehigh Defense NRA Show Bullet Package Give Away

Enter Now for Your Chance to Win a Lehigh Defense NRA Show Bullet Package

Lehigh Defense is offering their triple combo 300 Game Changer Bullet 2014 NRA Show Package with a rare, Limited Edition Lehigh Defense tee-shirt for just $137 (a $75.00 dollars savings), but we’re giving you a chance to win one for FREE by entering below. Here’s what you could win:

– 50 194gr Maximum Expansion Subsonic Bullets. We designed this bullet using our award winning Maximum Expansion Technology. This bullet offers the only expanding monolithic Subsonic Bullet in the world providing devastating silent performance.
– 100 110gr High Velocity Controlled Chaos Bullets. We designed this bullet using our Controlled Chaos Technology. If you need to unleash the beast of the 300 AAC Blackout, then you need to put a few rounds of our 110gr CC bullets through the chamber.
– 50 174gr Controlled Fracturing Subsonic Bullets. We are the originators of Controlled Fracturing Technology and we would love for you to experience the deadly performance of our 174gr CF Subsonic bullet.
– 50 Lehigh Defense 300 AAC Blackout / Whisper brass cartridge cases.
– One Limited Edition Lehigh Defense tee shirt

This is truly an incredible offer for 300 AAC Blackout / Whisper enthusiasts, and we want YOU to win it! Enter below:


.585 Hubel Express Cases from Bertram Brass

Fresh batch of .585 Hubel Express or HE cases straight from Bertram Brass. Damn they look sooo nice!!

585 HE Cases

I think there’s about 5000 or so. The .585 HE was designed to be used in a shotgun type action and produce enough power for the largest game on Earth. It works in guns like the H&R SB2 shotgun action, the Savage 210 bolt action shotgun, the TC Encore and many more. It’s a relatively low pressure round.

585 HE H&R Shotgun

Barrel stubbing allows you to chamber the H&R SB2 to just about any caliber that is safe. Here is the .585 HE barrel on the SB2 Handi Rifle/Shotgun

Sagebrush Quality Bullet Molds

Sagebrush Bullet Molds are American Made and high quality. Sagebrush bullet molds are made from continuous cast gray iron similar to ASTM A48 class 40. It’s very uniform and dense which makes it perfect for bullet casting. This continuous casting process insures a fine grained microstructure. Molten metal is pushed through a die instead of being cast in the traditional pour and cool method. Sagebrush blocks are larger than most such as RCBS or Lee which allows a longer bullet without the nose being too close to the edge of the block. Heat distribution is improved with the larger blocks.

The bullet molds are precision cut on modern CNC machines.

Sagebrush moulds

Sagebrush sprue plates are very thick at 0.250″. This allows more material to be forced into the mold.

Sagebrush moulds 3

Sagebrush moulds 4

Block alignment pins are nitride hardened taper lock to provide perfect alignment and wear resistance.

Sagebrush moulds 1

These large block accommodate long bullets without any heat distribution issues.

Sagebrush moulds 2

These are high quality Iron bullet molds. Notice the venting cut into the block to improve lead fill out.

Custom CNC Machined Cases – 4 Bore

Need 4 bore cases for your rifle? I don’t think Cabelas has any.


These are real beauties and big too. These 4 bore cases are manufactured on CNC machines to exacting specifications. Heritage Arms, Inc can make them to match your exact rifle chamber too. These are made from solid bar stock. This is the best you can get. These cases will last forever. Need 4 bore, 8 bore, 12 bore or .600 Nitro Express brass? Contact them.

Heritage Arms, Inc is an American company making quality products that they can be proud of.

20 Gauge Cast Bullets – 950 Grains

If you like big bores than take a look at these beauties.

20 gauge cast bullets

This is a Steve Brooks mould. It’s a 20 gauge or .616 diameter cast bullet for the 20 gauge from hell or regular slug in a 20 gauge plastic shotshell. Steve Brooks makes fantastic bullet moulds…most likely the best.

20 gauge cast bullets-1

That’s a 956 grain slug. Nice!!! You could possibly shoot these in the .600 Nitro Express.

12 Gauge from Hell 1085 Grain Bullets

12 Gauge from Hell 1085 grain copper solid…its a big chunk of copper!! The 12 Gauge From Hell is a wildcat/modified 12 gauge shotshell featuring a brass case instead of plastic and lengthened to 3.5″. The ballistics are quite impressive while maintaining low pressures.

12 gauge from hell

The .729″ 12 gauge solid copper bullet next to a .375 soft point. The .729 solid weighs 1085 grains.

12 gauge from hell-1