5000 Yard Sniper Rifle

The 50 BMG is an awesome long range sniper rifle but it’s effective range is about 1,800 yards (1.1 miles). There is a cartridge that moves this effective range out to 5,000 yards (3 miles)….20 x 102 mm or 20mm Vulcan.

20mm Vulcan

The 20 x 102mm fires an 1,850 grain projectile at about 3,400 fps. Let’s compare it to the 50 BMG….750 grain at 2,800 fps.

So what kind of rifle can fire the 20 x 102mm round?

Anzio Iron Works makes the only 20mm rifle for civilians that I am aware of.

Watch this video of the 20mm Anzio bolt action rifle in action. It’s incredible!!

20mm Vulcan Bolt Action Rifle

Want something really big to shoot? Is the 50 BMG not exciting enough? Try 20mm Vulcan….1,600 grain bullet at 3,200 fps. Now that’s exciting!!


From Left to Right…5.56 Nato, 338 Lapua, 50 BMG, 20mm Vulcan.

Anzio Iron Works is a specialized firearm manufacturer that offers some of the finest bolt action big bore rifles that are highly accurate, reliable and fun to shoot. Yes, these guns are FUN to shoot. Anzio has a team of the finest machinists and gunsmiths and manufacture their guns from scratch. They are not only 50 BMG and 20mm enthusiasts but shooters as well. They shoot everything they make.

The Anzio 20mm magazine fed rifle is a work of art. It’s HUGE too. It is also available as a single shot. The Anzio 20 mm is a simple bolt action design. This makes it accurate, reliable and affordable and that is the goal of Anzio. The huge 20mm barrel is 49″ long and match grade for optimal accuracy. It is fluted to decrease some of the weight. The barrel is fitted with an efficient clam-shell style muzzle brake. Muzzle blast is quite shocking to say the least.


Anzio 20mm (left) next to Anzio 50 BMG (right)

The box magazine holds 3 rounds and is detachable. You can order this gun in 3 calibers, 14.5mm, 20mm and the new Anzio 20/50 (20mm necked down to 50 cal). The firing pin is titanium and will last a lifetime. Only the best components go into any Anzio firearm. If you enjoy shooting long ranges than the 20mm is for you…maximum range is 5,000 yards or over 3 miles. There are tons of options available or you can have them customize it to your specs.

Here is what you get for $11,900.

  • Quick change take-down barrel
  • Fluted and hand-lapped match grade barrel
  • Super high efficiency clam-shell muzzle brake
  • 3 round detachable magazine
  • Massive 4 lug bolt
  • Heavy duty bipod
  • Adjustable rear monopod
  • 40 minute inclined scope rail mount
  • Duracoat finish
  • Blue-printed bolt and action
  • Percussion primed configuration
  • Large bolt handle for easy loading and extraction
  • Super smooth action



The Anzio 20mm is totally shootable for just about anyone. The recoil is minimized by the excellent muzzle brake and the shear weight of the firearm, 59 lbs to 130 lbs. It was designed to be shootable.

See for yourself…Anzio 20mm Rifle Video