Budget or Entry Level 50 BMG Rifle

If you are looking into getting a 50 BMG but do not have $5-10K to spend don’t fret. Spider Firearms in St. Cloud, Florida can help you. AKA the Ferret 50.

Spider Firearms makes everything (the Ferret 50) from competition rifles to sniper rifles to sporting rifles to 50 BMG AR-15 uppers. Many matches have been won with Spider Firearms Ferret 50 rifles. They are strong, accurate and durable….and affordable. The Ferret 50 uses Lothar Walther barrels. You can get a sporting barrel or a stainless steel supercomp. All barrels are fitted with an effective muzzle brake.

Let’s see what the Spider Firearms Ferret 50 rifle looks like.

Ferret 50

This is the Ferret 50 SuperComp. It runs about $3-4K depending on the options. This is a really nice bolt action single shot rifle in 50 BMG.

Ferret 50 Sport

Here is the Sporter Ferret 50 rifle. The butt stock is different as is the barrel. This is an awesome weapon and very affordable. I have heard good reviews on the Ferret 50. It’s well made.

AR-15 50 BMG uppers

2 Ferret 50 AR-15 uppers ready to install on your AR-15 lower. If you already have an AR-15, you can convert it to 50 BMG for about $2200.

custom ferret 50 rifle 2

Custom Ferret 50 rifle with Durocoat finish.

custom ferret 50 rifle 1

Very nice indeed!!!

Barrett M107A1 50 BMG Rifle

One of the top 50 BMG rifles comes from Barrett, the Cadillac of 50 BMG guns. The M107A1 is a semi auto sniper rifle with a 20″ heavy barrel which includes a highly effective titanium 4 port brake. Brakes make 50 BMG rifles shootable. Without a brake the rifle would have to weigh 50 lbs in order for it to be shootable.

The Barrett M107A1 is the ultimate heavy sniper rifle. There are none better built or designed.

Let’s take a look at the Barrett M107A1 Sniper rifle

Barrett M107A1

Here’s what you get for $12K.

Barrett M107A1 1

Nice recoil pad and cheek rest. It is actually easier to shoot than you might think.

Barrett M107A1 2

Smooth and heavy duty semi auto action. Flip up rear/front sights. Bipod makes it easy to make 1000 yard hits.

Barrett M107A1 3

There’s the Price Tag…yikes!!

Barrett M107A1 4

The overall length is fairly compact with the 20″ barrel.

Barrett M107A1 5

4 port titanium muzzle brake is highly effective.

Barrett M107A1 6

Flip up rear battle sight.

Barrett M107A1 7

Flip up front sight.

Barrett M107A1 8

10 round magazine. Overall weight unloaded is 27 lbs.

Barrett M107A1 10

The front end of the Barrett M107A1 is formidable.

Barrett M107A1 11

Built to last and function under the most extreme conditions, the Barrett M107A1 is the ultimate sniper weapon system.