Life Like Combat with Battlefield 3 Video Game

The next best thing to the shooting range is a BB gun in the backyard but when that gets boring I turn to video….that’s combat video games. Where you can kill and destroy things with no consequences. What a concept!!!

If you have never experienced a combat video game before then you really need to check one out. It’s as real as it can get. I’m serious. The special effects and sounds are very real. The weapons are real weapons of 2013 and not sci-fi weapons. You have to reload and cycle the action just like a real weapon. The scenery looks fantastic and is very life-like. The action and shooting can be non-stop. It will keep you on your toes.

The latest one I bought is Battlefield 3. I love it!! It’s fun as hell and I get to engage lots of targets. The cold winter months are great for arm-chair combat.

Here is where I bought Battlefield 3….Battlefield 3 Video Game at

Watch this video of Battlefield 3 and you will see what I mean about reality.