Shotgun Chamber Adapters

Shotgun chamber adapters allow you to shoot smaller shotshells or handgun ammo in your shotgun. Double the versatility of any single shot or double barrel shotgun.

You can shoot 9 mm ammo in your 12 gauge single shot or double barrel shotgun for fun or as part of your survival gear. Thanks to Short Lane Adapters

Short Lane Shotgun Adapters

Here is the 8 inch rifled 12 gauge to 9 mm adapter. It slides into the chamber and allows you to fire 9 mm ammo. A scope or open sights are very beneficial.

Short Lane Shotgun Adapters-1

Here is the chamber end. It’s just like a barrel liner. It slides in and out easily.

Short Lane Shotgun Adapters-2

Here is the muzzle end of the rifled adapter. This part is inside the barrel.

Watch this video on the Short Lane shotgun adapters. Watch how easy they are to use.

H&R Ultra Slug Hunter Shotgun Review

I recently bought an H&R (Remington Owned) Ultra Slug Hunter shotgun online. I bought it for $265 including shipping. It retails for $299 but at Cabelas it’s $319 plus sales tax.

I have always been fascinated by single shots and especially break action single shots. The simplicity makes them reliable and inexpensive. I bought the H&R 12 gauge slug hunter because I love Big Bores and this one is inexpensive and easy to shoot with a variety of loads. I also wanted to see how the H&R SB2-980 is made. Is it a cheap piece of garbage or not? I’ve heard mixed reviews on the H&R Handi rifles and shotguns. I just had to see for myself.

20140317 170735

Here it is still in the box. It’s pretty heavy for a single shot.

20140317 170747

Here is the H&R Ultra Slug Hunter shotgun (SB2-980). The barrel is a heavy weight 24″ rifled 12 gauge barrel. It’s actually the 10 gauge barrel bored to a 12 gauge. The walls of the barrel are really thick. The stock is a pretty nice laminate walnut. It looks nice and is heavy. Laminates are very strong and typically heavier than standard wood. They are also impervious to the elements like rain, snow, cold and sweltering heat. Included is a manual, sling and gun lock. When hunting don’t for get the best binoculars for hunting, so you can see long range.

20140317 170757

The H&R SB2 action is very simple. It’s a break open with a safety transfer system to prevent accidental discharges. There is a push button that releases the action located just to the left and below the hammer. It is positive and smooth operating. The stock looks nice on this H&R shotgun. The forend matches the stock perfectly too.

20140317 170800

The barrel is 24″ and a super heavy weight which is good on a 12 gauge slug gun. The added weight will reduce recoil somewhat. I have not weighed it yet but it should weigh about 8.5 – 9 lbs. The forend is beefy and has a sling swivel installed as does the butt stock.

20140317 170808

The butt stock is nicely finished, for a $250 gun. The laminate is nice looking.

20140317 170833

Here is the H&R Ultra Slug Hunter action or SB2 action with a factory scope/rail mount installed. The hammer is nicely machined from solid steel. It does not feel cheap by any means. It cocks very smoothly and releases smoothly. The hammer is easy to cock with plenty of serrations for a position grip with your thumb. The butt stock meets the action with an overlap of stock wood but it doesn’t look bad.

20140317 170837

The action is finished with a matte blue. It’s very non-reflective and holds a lubricate very well. The trigger guard is smooth and nicely shaped for easy access of a finger. The laminate forend meets the action very nicely. No gaps or mis alignments. Nice fit.

20140317 170955

The trigger is really nice. It’s wide and smooth. The trigger pull is good…around 5 lbs of so. It feels nice.

20140317 170946

Another shot of the hammer. It’s nicer than some other single shot shotguns I have owned in the past. It’s easy to pull back and feels really smooth. You can see the action release lever below the hammer.

20140317 170941

Here is the scope/rail mount. It’s factory mounted with 3 screws. It’s pretty solid and all steel.

20140317 171027

Action open. It’s a little stiff but overall smooth and positive. It snaps closed like a bank vault. It’s very tight when closed.

20140317 171043


Breech end of the barrel with caliber markings. Bluing on the barrel is a semi-satin finish. The barrel is not polished like high end guns. You can see the machining marks from a barrel lathe. But still nice.

20140317 171050

The section of the barrel right by the locking lug is a little rough. You can feel where the weld is. The weld is very neat and hard to see but you can feel it. The locking lug is huge and solid steel.

20140316 123242

H&R barrel locking lug.

20140316 123315

Underneath the locking lug. It’s a little rough but functions very well.

20140317 170909

Butt stock with recoil pad. The recoil pad is a good pad better than what you see on Ruger rifles which are really hard and thin. This one should work well. I’ll see after I shoot is a few times. Sling swivels are installed and are good ones. Recoil pad to stock fit is very good. Not overlaps or gaps. It’s a pretty nice stock.

20140317 170918

1″ thick recoil pad. Notice pad to stock fit. Very tight.

20140317 170842

The forend is attached to the barrel via a large Phillips screw. It’s recessed into the forend and holds the forend tightly.

20140317 170848

Forend sling swivel and contoured front of forend. The forend is comfortable for my left hand. There’s plenty of wood to hang on to. No complaints here.

20140317 170852

Muzzle of 24″ heavy slug barrel. Standard finish and bluing.

20140317 170859

.729″ bore of 12 gauge slug barrel. The barrel walls are very thick.

20140316 123524

Muzzle end of the 12 gauge slug barrel showing the rifling.

So far the H&R Ultra Slug Hunter shotgun is a nice gun. It feels nice in my hands and against my shoulder. The stock is comfortable too. You just can’t beat it for $250. I will do another review after I shoot some slugs through it.

8 Gauge NEF/H&R Shotgun

The H&R or NEF Handi Rifle/Shotgun is really versatile. It comes from the factory with 12 gauge and 10 gauge barrels but it can even go larger…how about 8 gauge?

8 gauge NEF Shotgun

Here is an 8 gauge H&R/NEF shotgun. It’s a custom barrel but none the less it works well. Remember shotshells are very low pressure…around 8,000 PSI depending on the load. The H&R shotgun is plenty strong enough for the 8 gauge shotshell. The H&R Handi rifle/shotgun can do many things….like the 12 gauge from Hell, 20 & 28 gauge from Hell, 585 HE and many more. It is highly under estimated and a real bargain at $250.


Here is a size comparison so you can get an idea of how big the 8 gauge is.

H&R Ultra Slug Hunter in 12 Gauge from Hell

The H&R Ultra Slug Hunter or SB2-980 can be converted to the 12 gauge from Hell enabling you to shoot 1085 grain slugs at 1500+ fps. The load is 240 grains of H50BMG powder. This is serious power in an very inexpensive gun.

H&R 12 gauge from hell

2 shot group from the 1085 grain copper solids. You can see the 12 gauge from Hell cartridge and several .729 bullets.

12 gauge from hell-10

Several .729 bullets and a loaded 12 gauge from hell next to a .375 H&H.

12 gauge from hell-11

Nice group from a huge caliber gun.

12 gauge from hell-12

Here they are…2 NEF/H&R single shot shotguns rechambered to 12 gauge from hell.