Sightmark Ultra Dual Shot Pro Spec NV Sight QD

Don’t buy an Eotech until you take a good look at the Sightmark Ultra Dual Shot Pro Spec NV Sight QD unless you’re a combat soldier. The Sightmark is an excellent optic/holographic type sight that is reliable and durable. I bought one for my AK-47 and loved it. If you’re a combat soldier then you need an Eotech because they are indestructible. The Sightmark will handle anything outside of heavy combat.

…If your eyes are not as good as they used to be and using iron sights is difficult then you need an optic sight like the Sightmark Ultra Shot QD. It makes aiming a breeze and much quicker than iron or open sights. Scopes are great but only ideal for longer ranges and are not as quick to acquire a target as an optic sight.

Eotech’s cost $400 and up. The Sightmark Ultra Shot is much more affordable and under $150.00. If you want to read some of the outstanding reviews, here is a link….Sightmark Ultra Dual Shot Pro SPec NV Sight QD at


Aluminum alloy body with protective shield


Quick release rail type mount and brightness know control


Laser night vision mounted on side.


Sturdy rail mount with QD lever


Mounts easily and quickly to any rail.


Battery compartment is easy to access


4 styles of reticles to chose from.