IPSC Targets 23 x 35

IPSC targets are great for indoor ranges or outdoor ranges. Indoor ranges require a larger target because you have to clip it onto a frame that goes down range on a cable or line. The target must hang from the clips.

Anyway I buy targets at the indoor range. They cost $1.50 or $2.00 each. You can save money by buying them online and taking them with you.

sihloutte targets

Here is an official IPSC target. It measures 23″ x 35″. It’s perfect for indoor shooting ranges. They are made of heavy 60 lb paper.

You can buy a 50 pack for about $15.00 plus shipping….50-pack IPSC Targets – 23 x 35 from Amazon.com

Free Printable Shooting Targets

I love target shooting and go through lots of targets. I love Glowshot targets because they show you where you hit without walking over to the target. I also like printing my own targets for cheap shooting.

Here are some of my favorite free printable targets.

Download Free Target 10082

Download Free Target 10116

Download Free Target 10142


Shoot N C from Birchwood Casey 6″ Reactive Targets

A 6 inch target is perfect for self defense practice. A 6 inch circle is the “kill zone” on an average human. If you can draw a weapon and hit the 6″ circle then you are ready to defend yourself.

I really like and only use splatter type or reactive targets for close quarters shooting. I like to see exactly where I’m placing my shots while I’m shooting. Reactive type targets such as Shoot NC and Glow Shots targets. They are inexpensive but really help you shoot well. It is very easy to make corrections when you see where each shot is going. You no longer have to wait for a cease fire to see where your bullets are going.

Shoot N C Targets

60 – Pk. Birchwood Casey® Shoot – N – C® Self – Adhesive 6″ X – Bull Target Sheets



Glow Shot Targets

Glow Shot 60 Pack – 6″ Reactive Splatter Targets


Full Size Bad Guy Handgun Targets

I get tired of shooting generic round paper targets so to spice things up I bought some Bad Guy full size targets. This not only gives me a new target to shoot at but also tests how I will shoot on a life size human target. The vital areas have point values too. I really like life size targets. You will know how well you will do in a real self defense situation.

These targets are heavy 60 lb paper and measure 23″ x 35″ with a armed bad guy in a ski mask. Take him out!!!


I bought a package of 40. They’re pretty cheap.

50 – Pk. Anatomy Targets

White Wing Automatic Trap

I love shooting clay targets but I don’t have my own trap thrower. It would be nice though.

If I were in the market for an automatic trap, this is the one I would buy.

The White Wing Automatic Trap is made by Do-All Outdoors and it sturdily constructed to last a long time. It holds 25 clay targets and has an auto feeder that loads the targets onto the throwing arm. It will launch clay targets between 65 and 80 yards.

This automatic trap has a four leg base that is sturdy and does not need to be bolted or tied down. It can be set up in less than 10 minutes. It uses any deep cycle marine battery which is not included.


The White Wing Automatic Trap has an average consumer review of 4 Stars out of a possible 5 stars. It is one of the best target throwers available.

Here is the best place to get one online and you can read the reviews before you buy.

Do-All Outdoors White Wing Automatic Trap