Miniature .50 Cal Cannon

I ran across this video and I thought it was cool as heck. I love cannons and this Traditions Mini Old Ironside cannon is very cool indeed.

mini cannon kit

It’s an inexpensive kit that you build. It uses black powder, .495 round balls (.50 cal) and cannon fuse.

Watch this video. It’s amazing and looks like a lot of fun.

Polymer AR-15 lower from American Tactical Imports

American Tactical Imports has their own polymer AR-15 lower receiver. Polymer is much less expensive than metals like aluminum and steel. The ATI Omni complete lower is priced at $134.95 while the stripped lower is $49.95. The pricing is great but are they as good as an Aluminum lower? The jury is still out on that.

It seems from reading reviews and watching some videos that the dimensions are slightly different. Not all AR-15 uppers fit on the ATI polymer lower. It seems uppers fit a little tight or too tight or not at all.

Watch this video review of the ATI Omni Polymer AR-15 lower.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Guns Online?

There are many online stores that sell guns but the largest and best priced online gun shop is by far has thousands of guns for sale and at the best prices too. It is not only an online store but an online auction. So you can bid on guns or buy them now. You can find just about every make and model, new and used guns with pictures and descriptions.

Paying for your purchase is secure and easy. All you have to do is find a local FFL dealer that is closest to you for the transfer. It’s easier than it sounds. I have bought many guns on and highly recommend them. I bought guns on Gunbroker that were no where to be found in my state.