Cutting Edge MZL Raptor Bullets

Cutting Edge just released a brand new projectile for muzzle loaders…the MZL Raptor.

Cutting Edge MZL Raptor Bullets

Check out these beauties. CNC machined from solid copper. They are super precision and accurate plus explosive inside big game.

The MZL Raptor is designed to loose the nose cap after 1.5 to 2 inches of penetration. Then the side blades or petals expand outward and shear off. These petals continue traveling causing more tissue destruction. The center base continues in a straight line, punching a large hole through the vitals.

Cutting Edge MZL Raptor Bullets Expanded

5 projectiles in one, the MZL Raptor is amazing.

The MZL Raptor muzzle loader bullet is available in .50 caliber and 2 weights…160 grain and 250 grain.

Cutting Edge Bullets

When you need the very best.