EvoShield Recoil Reduction T-Shirt

Shotguns have relatively mild recoil but after 200 shells your shoulder may become tender…I know my is. I have a PAST recoil pad but it is pretty thick and is not ideal for the field. It’s great for the shooting range but a little too bulky for the field.

Here is a better solution.

EvoShield Protective Recoil Shooting Shirt

The EvoShield Shooting shirt is a T-shirt with a pocket sewn in over the shoulder. The pocket holds a special custom recoil pad that will conform to your body. The pad is only .25″ think and is very lightweight….and effective.

So does it work?


Customer reviews testify that after shooting 4,300 shells in 2 days the results were a slightly sore shoulder. Some report a 75% reduction in felt recoil.

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