Glendale Man Shoots at Robbers at Arrowhead Mall

A Glendale, Arizona man packing a firearm engages 2 robbers holding a Loss Prevention Officer at gunpoint.

All I can say is BRAVO!!!! This is how crime is fought.

Anyway…a couple entered the Arrowhead Mall in Glendale, Arizona and attempted to steal a drill from Sears. A Loss Prevention Officer approached the couple and tried to stop them. Of course he is unarmed. The female robber pulled out a gun and pointed it at the Loss Prevention Officer.

A man waiting in his car for his wife sees the Loss Prevention Officer being held at gunpoint. He decides to take action. He gets out of his car and approaches the couple with the gun. He then sees his wife walking out of the store right in the middle of this robbery. Now not only is the Loss Prevention Officer in danger but the man’s wife too. The man decides to take immediate action and engages the robbers with several shots from his handgun. The armed robbers take off on a motorcycle and no one was injured.

Glendale Police later arrest the 2 suspects.

So what can we learn from this unfortunate situation?

If more people carried, crime would drop. Malls prohibit firearms making them easy targets for criminals. Criminals know all the places where guns are banned like malls, schools and Starbucks. These make easy targets because they know no one will be able to stop then until LE gets there which could be 10 or 15 minutes at best.

If the Glendale man did not engage the robbers, what could have happened? The Loss Prevention Officer could have been injuried or killed and possible other bystanders.

What if these 2 robbers decided to shoot up the mall? Who would have stopped them? Nobody inside the mall has a firearm. It could have been chaos.

If there were more armed citizens out on the streets, crime would take a down fall. Not only are armed citizens a deterrent but they can stop an assailant either before he/she takes a life or limit the number of injuries or deaths. There just are not enough LE officers available.

People need to get over their dislike of guns.

Guns don’t kill…people do.

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