Glock Gen 3/4 Simple Upgrades

The Glock straight from the factory is a very reliable and accurate pistol. However there are a few things that could be improved in my opinion. First the slide lock lever is too small for my fingers to grip easily. I take my Glock apart frequently to clean and the slide lock is a challenge for me…luckily there are extended slide lock levers for the Glock. The extended slide lock lever gives you a little more surface to grip and makes field stripping easier. They are longer than the OEM slide lock levers.

extended slide lock lever

You can buy them here….Extended Slide Lock Lever Black

I have exteneded slide lock levers on both of my Glocks. They are great!

The second upgrade that I like to do is the recoil spring. There are many to choose from. The good ones have a stainless steel or tungsten guide rod. This adds a good amount of weight to the front of the Glock plus adds reliability. The added weight up front reduces muzzle flip and felt recoil. Steel and Tungsten are just more durable than plastic and last longer.

Glock recoil springs


These are all stainless steel and come in different weights for different loads and/or compensated Glocks.

You can buy them here….Stainless Steel Competition Recoil Spring for Glocks 11lb 13lb 15lb 17lb 20lb 22lb

These 2 upgrades are super easy to do on a Glock. Watch this video to see exactly how its done.