Glock Safety Plunger Upgrade

Upgrading the safety plunger on the Glock can make the trigger smoother and lighter by reducing friction. The LS Titanium safety plunger is shaped differently than the OEM safety plunger. The LS is more rounded and polished plus it has a Titanium Nitride coating which is very hard and has more lubricity than steel.

Replacing the safety plunger is very easy. I did my Glock 22 over the weekend and it took about 10 minutes.

20140125 104628

Here is the disassembled G22 slide. Not a whole lot of parts involved. It also gave me a chance to really clean the slide good.

20140125 104637

You can see the OEM steel plunger next to the LS Titanium plunger. The OEM plunger has some tool marks on it and is not polished. The LS plunger is polished and has no tooling marks whatsoever. It is a much higher quality part.

It is a simple procedure to replace the safety plunger. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Unload firearm and make safe
  2. Remover the slide
  3. Remove the recoil spring assembly and the barrel
  4. Use a small punch to push down on the plastic striker spacer sleeve to releave pressure on the slide cover plate
  5. Push the slide plate out and remove
  6. Remove striker/spring assembly and extractor depressor plunger assembly
  7. Push the safety plunger down to release the extractor
  8. Now remove the safety plunger
  9. Put the spring into the LS Titanium plunger and seat into position
  10. Replace the extractor
  11. Insert the striker/spring assembly and the extractor depressor plunger
  12. Start the slide cover plate into position
  13. With a punch, push the striker spacer down while sliding the slide cover plate in
  14. Now push the extractor depressor plunger assembly down with a punch until you can slide the cover plate into position and it snaps or clicks

Here is a great video to help with this easy upgrade.