Is the Hi Point 4095 TS Carbine Reliable?

The Hi Point 4095 TS is a handy inexpensive “black rifle” but is it reliable?

I recently shot about 150 rounds through my Hi Point 4095 TS4X. I know that’s not much ammo to test reliability but let me say this. I shot 4 different brands of ammo and mixed them in the magazine. I shot Aguila 180 grain FMJ, PMC Bronze 180 grain FMJ, American Eagle 155 FMJ and Sellier and Bellot 180 grain FMJ.


The magazine that came with the 4095 (red colored plastic follower) fed everything perfectly. However the spare magazine (green colored plastic follower) I received from the Gun store where I purchased the Hi Point does not feed well at all. It looks identical to the factory magazine but apparently is not. Maybe the spring is different. This spare magazine fails to feed frequently no matter what ammo I load it with. I’m going to throw it away. The 4095 performed flawlessly with the stock magazine and any ammo I loaded the magazine with.


I shot 8 rounds at each target (25 yards) with the Hi Point 4095 right out of the box. I made no sight adjustments as of yet.


I love Glow Shot Targets!