Korean AK-47 Steel Magazine

I recently bought a Zastava N-PAP AK-47 rifle. And I love it!! It came with 2 magazines, a steel unknown manufacture and a Tapco polymer magazine. Both magazines are 30 round capacity. Anyway I wanted to get a few more magazines to see how they perform and how they’re made.

I bought 3 extra AK-47 magazines online, one Romanian, one Korean and one Croatian. The Romanian magazine is surplus and slightly used but the other 2 are new unused magazines.

SAM 0040

From left to right…Korean, Croatian and Romanian.

Here is the Korean 30 round AK-47 magazine

SAM 0024

SAM 0046

Here is the top portion. It’s all steel with some type of metal finish. It’s not blued or painted but maybe gray parkerized. The Korean magazine is slightly lighter in weight than the Croatian and Romanian mags but still feels solid. The spot welds on the sides are evenly spaced and numerous. The top or feed lip area is reinforced with very heavy gauge steel.

SAM 0026

The bottom of the Korean AK-47 magazine is nicely stamped steel with a decent floor plate. It’s certainly not the thickest cover but not foil-like either.

SAM 0027

You can see the side spot welds here. They are evenly spaced and numerous. This magazine should never come apart.

SAM 0048

Here are the feed lips and follower. It appears very well made and heavy duty. Welds look good and deep. There are some sharp edges though.

SAM 0049

The locking lug is super sturdy and welded properly. The back ridge is securely spot welded.

SAM 0050

Another view of the back ridge.

SAM 0051

Here is the inside front of the Korean AK-47 magazine showing the numerous spot welds.

SAM 0053

Another shot of the magazine hook and its welds.

I find this Korean AK-47 magazine well made. It’s not the best that I have seen but it is not junk. I have not tested it in my AK-47 yet. If it proves to be a reliable feeder, it’s a real sleeper at $7.50.

I read several threads on gun forums and these magazines were criticized highly and considered “cheap” and “junk”. After I test them in my AK, we’ll see if these comments are true.

11/3/14 Update: I took the Korean AK-47 magazine to the range with my NPAP AK-47. I loaded it with 4 different brands of ammo…Red Army Standard, Wolf, Tulammo and some white box lacquer coated ammo. The Korean magazine fits my Zastava perfectly…very little mag wabble. So how does it feed??? 100% perfectly. It’s 100% reliable so far.

You can buy them here….30 Round Korean AK-47 762×39 Black Magazine