Lead Free BB Gun Pellets

I like to shoot my air rifle in the backyard a lot so I’m becoming eco-friendly. I don’t shoot bbs because the ricochet and could hit something other than the target. I shoot pellets exclusively and lead free ones at that. I do not want to handle lead with my bare hands nor have it all over the backyard. Thank GOD for lead free pellets. Now I don’t have to worry about handling dangerous metal or having it in the yard. There are quite a few companies that make lead free pellets, Daisy, Gamo, Crosman, Beeman, Hyper-Velocity, H&N, etc.

Lead free pellets are lighter than lead and so you will get slightly higher velocities. They are as accurate as lead and will not foul the barrel. They are a little more expensive but worth the safety.

Daisy lead free pellets

Daisy Outdoor Products Lead Free .177 Pellets (Silver, 4.5 mm)


crosman lead free pellets

Crosman Silver Eagle Lead .177 Caliber Free Pellets, 250-Pack


lead free pellets

Hyper-Velocity Lead Free Field Pellets, Type 3 – Long Range, .177 Cal, 8.5 Grains, Pointed, 150ct


lead free pellets 2

H&N Baracuda Green, Lead Free, .177 Cal, 6.48 Grains, Round Nose, 200ct


crosman lead free pellets fp

Crosman PowerShot Gold Flight Penetrator Pellets, .177 Cal, 8.5 Grains, Pointed, Lead-Free, 125ct


blue arrow lead free pellets

Skenco Blue Arrow .177 Cal, 6.4 Grains, Pointed, Lead-Free, 250ct Skenco Blue Arrow .177 Cal, 6.4 G