Liberty Civil Defense 45 ACP Ammo Review

Here is the “The Fast and the Furious”…just kidding. It’s the Liberty Civil Defense ammo in 45 ACP. It launches a 78 grain lead free high frag bullet at 1,900 fps. It’s part of the new philosophy in self defense. These should be really nice shooting with low recoil.

Range test to follow shortly.

20140114 172626

20140114 172630

20140114 172646

20140114 172659


Update 2/18/14

Liberty Civil Defense ammo was clean burning, reliable and accurate. I thought it would recoil less because of the light bullets but nope!! It felt about the same as the standard 45 acp loads. I think it was louder though. Here is my group from 7 yards. I shot it along with the Federal Guard Dog.

guard dog and civil defense