Lightning Strike Products – Ultimate Glock Parts

Lightning Strike Products makes high performance parts for the Glock pistol. If you are wanting to make your Glock perform a tad better (if that’s possible) than take a look at Lightning Strike Products. They have top of the line Titanium Glock strikers, safety plungers, guide rods, magazine wells and pads and tools.

These performance parts can make your Glock perform just a tad better. I know you probably are saying, “How?”

Well for one the OEM Glock trigger is good but it could be better. The stock trigger pull is about 5.5-6 lbs and there is a bit of over-travel. I like a 3.5 lb trigger pull and shoot more accurately with this weight. I’m going to get a Pyramid Trigger System from the GlockStore Performance Center. It’s a 3.5 lb trigger with less creek and over-travel. I already ordered this Glock Ti striker,LS Titanium Glock Striker

Anyway LS or Lightning Strike makes an awesome Titanium Glock Striker. Not only is Ti an awesome material for a striker because it it super strong and light weight (60% lighter than steel) BUT it is also Titanium Nitride coated. This Ti Ni coating is super hard and super slick. It’s hardness is Rockwell 70. The light weight reduces lock time which can attribute to better accuracy. The striker is also corrosion proof.

LS Titanium Glock Striker-1

LS Titanium Glock Striker-2

LS Titanium Glock Striker-3

LS Titanium Glock Striker-4

Here is a video from the GlockStore Performance Center with Lenny Magills demonstrating the LS Ti striker and installing it.