Low Recoil/Practice Big Bore Ammo

I have always loved big bores but most are not fun to shoot. I used to reload in order to have fun shooting big bores like the .458 Win Mag, .470 Capstick, .416 Rigby and the .470 NE. It is time consuming and you have to have a lot of equipment. There is another option now…

Nyati Inc is manufacturing reduced/low recoil ammunition for big bore calibers. I’m so glad somebody did this!!! Now you can buy factory loaded ammo in most big bore calibers that is fun to shoot. This is great ammo to practice with too. Nyati Inc ammo is not cheap but neither is regular ammo like Federal or Nosler.

Here are some examples of how low these big bores are loaded.

.458 Win Mag – 500 grain solid at 1,100 fps

.470 Nitro Express – 500 grain at 1,150 fps

.458 Lott – 500 grain at 1,100 fps

.375 H&H Mag – 300 grain at 1,300 fps

.378 Weatherby Mag – 1,300 fps


Nyati Inc Ammo