Mossberg AR-15 Rifle: The MMR

Mossberg has also entered into the AR-15 market with their MMR. AR-15’s are very popular among tactical shooters and now hunters too. Varmint and predator hunters have taken in the “combat black rifle”. It’s accuracy and fast handling make it a perfect hunting rifle.

The Mossberg MMR is a typical AR-15 platform featuring a direct impingement gas system for smooth reliability. The barrel is 16.25″ in length and button rifled with a 1:9 twist. Great for stabilizing 40 grain to 60 grain bullets. This is the standard twist for all 5.56 rifles. The MMR has an aluminum quad-rail forearm aka picatinny. I love this forearm for the most part. It looks and functions great but it’s hard on the bare hands. The rails are sharp and your hands are soft. Do you get the picture? You need to buy the picatinny rail covers. These will make the forearm easy to hold and not tear up your hands. The quad-rail forearm is vented to help cool the barrel.


The muzzle brake is the standard A2 style. Nothing special here. But it works very well. The barrel is free floated for accuracy. The metal finish is Phosphate/Anodized for resilience to the harsh elements. This is a great finish only second to Cerakote. Cerakote is the number 1 finish for protection and lubrication bar none.

The MMR grip is pretty nice. It’s not the typical AR-15 pistol grip but a nice Stark SE-1 grip. This grip is very comfortable and molded in the shape of a human hand. It has a nice molded guide for your trigger finger to rest on. The SE-1 grip has a battery compartment inside. I really like this feature.

The Mossberg MMR accepts the standard magazines from 10 round up to 30 rounds. I recommend the Magpul Pmags. These are super tough indestructible magazines that feed superbly. Anyhow the factory mags feed well too. The receiver or upper is machined from an aluminum alloy with an integrated picatinny rail on top. The receiver does not have a forward assist like the M4 and M16 have. No biggie here. I have never had to use the forward assist on my Stag Arms 2T.

The MMR is a nice AR-15 rifle. From the reviews I have read, it is reliable and accurate and shooters love them. So it sounds like it’s a good weapon to own and it’s priced right…around $900.