Mossberg Goes Modular on the 500/590 Shotguns

Modular firearms are the future. The AR-15 has gone modular via the ACR, ARX160 and SCAR and now Mossberg has brought modularity to their line of pump shotguns with the Flex System for the 500 and 590. This allows you to change components easily and quickly without tools.

The stock, forend and recoil pads are modular and can be swapped out in the field in seconds. No tools are necessary either. This is great news for hunters who wish to use one shotgun for both hunting and self defense. You can do that with the Mossberg 500 or 590. Just swap out the stock and barrel.

I love this concept. I like firearms that are versatile. That was one of the reasons I owned a Thompson Center Contender and Encore. They are both versatile with an unlimited number of barrels and stocks that can be installed. If you get bored easily then you need a modular firearm to keep it exciting and new.

Watch this demo of the new Mossberg Flex System