Buffalo Hunt with .577 NE Handi Rifle

The NEC Handi rifle is the budget shooter/hunter’s dream gun. It’s cheap, simple and versatile. Since it has interchangeable barrels, it has been mated with some really wild custom barrels….like the .577 Nitro Express.

Check out this African Buffalo hunt featuring the H&R/NEC Handi Rifle with a custom .577 Nitro barrel. The load is a hard cast lead bullet at about 1800 fps. One shot puts the Buffalo down in short order.

Great Cheap 4-12 Power Rifle Scope

Are you needing a cheap/inexpensive 4-12 power rifle scope that will last for many years?

Don’t or Can’t pay $300-$400 for a good rifle scope?

How about  UNDER $100????

Take a close look at the UTG 3-12×44 mm scope. It is a 30 mm scope and not a 1″ so you will need a 30mm set of rings.

Here are the specifications

  • Scope features 30-millimeter tube with multi emerald-coated lenses for optimized light transmission
  • Built on True Strength Platform
  • Scope is completely sealed and nitrogen-filled for shock-, fog-, and rain-proof performance
  • 3x-to-12X magnification
  • 30-millimeter tube diameter
  • 44-millimeter objective diameter
  • 34′-8.4′ field of view at 100 yards
  • 84-to-72-millimeter eye relief
  • 13.1-to-3.7-millimeter exit pupil
  • 0.25-inch click value at 100 yards
  • 355.6mm length and 25.6-ounce weight
  • Includes limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

The UTG 3-12 x 42 mm scope is not a light weight scope…it’s pretty heavy and this is why it can take some punishment and still maintain zero. So if you want a light weight scope then this is not for you. But if you want something that is well built and rugged, then you should seriously consider it. It’s a great scope for tactical purposes and hunting. If you want to read some of the 127, 4 star reviews, here is a link. UTG 3-9×42  30mm, AO, Mil Dot Scope at Amazon.com

Is There Really A Brush Gun?

So is there really a “Brush Gun” …for hunting in heavy brush?

You hear lots of talk about it right?…blunt heavy bullets at nominal speeds.

Is it fact or fiction?

Are some guns better than others in heavy brush?

…the short answer is YES.

Watch this video for the test results