Premium Bonded Core and Solid Big Game Bullets from North Fork

North Fork Technologies is a bullet manufacturer that has a long history of superb performance from North America to Africa to Canada. They manufacture expanding soft points, flat point solids and expanding solids. Yes, that’s right Expanding Solids. All North Fork bullets are made in USA.

North Fork bullets are CNC turned from a bar of solid copper. CNC machining provides the utmost in dimensional accuracy and solid copper performs better than a gilded copper jacket. Copper is softer and holds together more consistently than other alloys. North Fork bullets feature a unique banding or Smart Band Technology that reduces bore friction and fouling. This produces less pressure and less fouling.

North Fork soft points are a bonded lead core and copper jacket with a solid base. This provides the ultimate in controlled expansion on large game. It will penetrate deeply while breaking large bones and penetrating dense muscle. The soft nose expands perfectly while the solid base penetrates like a solid. These bullets have taken the toughest game on the planet including Cape Buffalo and Lion.


The North Fork solid comes in two flavors, flat point solid and expanding/cup point solid. These 2 solids will hit the exact same point of impact so you never have to re-sight in your gun. The flat point solids are 100 % reliable. They provide through and through penetration without riveting, bending or deforming. They will break the largest bones without deformation and penetrate 5′ to 6′ of heavy muscle. Recovered solids are in perfect shape and look as though they could be reloaded.


The cup point or expanding solid is the best of both worlds…soft point and solid. The cup point promotes bullet expansion for tissue destruction while the solid construction penetrates deeply without failure.


When you need the best, use North Fork Bullets. You will never be disappointed.