Red Army Standard 7.62×39 Ammo Review

Red Army Standard 7.62×39 ammunition is manufactured in several plants in Ukraine, Bosnia, Romania and Herzegovinia. The cases will denote either “UL” for Lugansk Cartridge Works or “IK” for Igman d.d. Konjic cartridge plant.

No worries about the President’s Executive Order banning importation of some Russian goods. Red Army is not manufactured in Russia.

20141018 141321

Red Army Standard is either steel cased with a polymer or lacquer coating or brass cased with a red sealant depending on the manufacturing plant. The bullets can either be steel jacketed with copper plating or copper jacketed.

20141018 141327

20141018 141332

Notice that these bullets are Lead Core and Not Steel Core. I see people on the forums claiming that these are loaded with Steel Core bullets. Not True.

20141018 141354

Unique packing from the Ukraine. 5 rounds stacked on top of separator paper.

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20141018 141422

Red Army or R3D ARMY Standard ammo is quality ammo. The steel cases are annealed or “softened” to allow it to expand upon firing, sealing the rifle chamber. It will not damage a rifle barrel in any way. The steel cases are coated with either lacquer or polymer to prevent corrosion. The coating also assists with smooth feeding and easy extraction. It feels really slick.

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20141018 141458

The steel cases are Berdan primed with non-corrosive primers.

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The 123 grain copper plated steel jacketed bullets are loaded to 2,300 fps.

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20141018 141603

Bullet seating is very uniform with no copper scrapings around the neck of the case.

I have not test fired (updated below) Red Army Standard ammo yet but my initial examination is very good. It looks well made. I went one step further in order to evaluate its quality before actual firing. I weighed each round in the box to see what kind of variance this ammo might have. If the components are poor quality then I would expect a lot of weight variance.

11/13/14 update: Red Army Standard 7.62×39 ammo is 100% reliable in my Zastava NPAP AK-47. I shot several magazines full and it’s great. It’s also very clean burning. The fired cases are clean and so was my gun. It’s time to buy a case now.


Red Army fired cases are very clean, even the necks. No carbon or much powder residue on the cases.



Here is the data on Red Army Standard ammunition:

The average weight of a loaded round was 252.415 grains. The weights ranged from a high of 253.7 grains to a low of 251.5 grains. That’s NOT much variance at all especially considering there are 5 components (bullet, primer, case, powder, coatings) in each cartridge. This tells me the ammunition plant has good controls on all of the components and the powder charges.

OK…now the really great part about Red Army Standard ammo is the price….as low as $0.236/round. This is great target practice ammo or for a SHTF type situation. Cases of 1,000 are about $230.