Romanian WASR AK-47 Good or Bad?

I hear and read that some people think the Romanian WASR 10 AKM’s or AK-47’s are junk. I for one have been wanting to buy an AK-47 but I’m careful in which one I buy for the simple reason, I don’t want a piece of junk. So I’m really interested to find out, are they junk or not and what are the issues with them.

I read quite a few posts on some gun forums and it seems that the problems with the Romanian WASR 10 AK-47’s are the following:

  1. Magazine wobble
  2. Canted front sight and /or gas block
  3. Bad rivets
  4. Poor accuracy
  5. Poor magazine well machining
  6. Trigger Slap

From what I have read these issues are found only on older Romanian WASR 10’s and not anything remanufactured in the US after 2008. If you have a WASR 10 that was remanufactured by a US company after 2008, then you will have a much better weapon. Century Arms is one company that remanufactures AK-47’s. Apparently they have much better quality control in place now. There is little magazine wobble, quality riveting, better accuracy and better machining.

So now the big question is “How do I know when a WASR 10 was remanufactured in the US?”

The first clue as to when the AK-47 was remanufactured is by examining the lettering on the receiver. Is it sloppy and looks like it was done by hand or is it perfect like a typewriter? You want the perfect lettering which indicates more modern gunsmithing.

2nd clue…what type of trigger does it have? Tapco USA G2? The Tapco G2 trigger is a good one and eliminates the trigger slap issue.

3rd clue…the gas piston is a Tapco USA piston

4th clue…Russian style side scope mount

5th clue…military proof triangle by serial number on receiver

6th clue…matching serial numbers on all parts

Watch this video on the AK-47 WASR 10 Buyers Guide.

Ammo is really cheap for the AK-47. Like $0.23/round. 7.62×39 ammo options that are super cheap.