Shotgun Slugs for Dangerous Game

I have always loved big bores and the hunting of dangerous game. When I ran across some specialized shotgun slug ammo for dangerous game, I was pleasantly surprised and excited. Imagine a 800 grain hard cast 12 gauge slug at 1200 fps. That’s mighty impressive. For compaison, the .600 nitro launches a 900 grain bullet at 1900 fps.

Dixie Slugs manufactures some really interesting shotgun ammunition. The one I’m really in awe about is the 12 gauge dangerous game ammo or their IXL-DGS ammo. The slug is a .730″ heat treated cast bullet and leaves a 20″ rifled barrel at 1200 fps. Longer barrels will increase the velocity by 25 fps per inch of barrel. So a 24″ barrel might produce 1300 fps. This is a huge slug traveling at a decent velocity with tons of energy. You may use either a rifled barrel or smoothbore with a cylinder choke.


You pretty much have a 12 bore dangerous game rifle that doubles as a shotgun. This ammo brings versatility to the 12 gauge shotgun.


Dixie Slugs