Spike’s Tactical Dynacomp Extreme AR-15 Brake

Need a compensator for your AR-15 to help you stay on target during multiple shots? Reduce muzzle jump to .22 LR levels?

Then you want/need a compensator and not a flash suppressor. A flash suppressor only disburses the muzzle flash but does little to reduce recoil or muzzle jump.


The Spike’s Tactical Dynacomp Extreme Brake will reduce muzzle jump and recoil by up to 30%. This enables you to stay on target while firing multiple rounds. Installation is the same as all AR-15 flash suppressors and brakes.

Spike’s Tactical Dynacomp Extreme Brake Black AR-15 556NATO SBV1017

Compensators and brakes do increase the noise level significantly and redirect gases to the sides.