Steel Cased Ammo from Barnaul Cartridge Producing Plant

The more I read about steel cased ammo the more I’m intrigued by it. The JSC Barnaul Machine Tool Plant is one of the largest ammunition plant’s in the world. They do not product garbage nor cheap ammunition as some would lead you to believe. Barnaul is actually pretty high tech. Steel cases require tighter tolerances than brass. Brass cases are more forgiving and easier to work with.

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They primarily produce military ammunition and shotshells. They strive to product the highest quality ammunition at a very affordable price. The quality of Barnaul ammunition is regulated and certified by the International Quality System ISO-9001.

Barnaul takes great pride in their products and offers a replacement or money back guarantee on their ammunition. It the ammunition fails to perform as they certify and you have fired no more than 20 rounds from a 40 round order or 10% of a larger order, return the ammunition with original packaging and receive either a replacement or a full refund.

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Here is what Barnaul Guarantees:

  • It will chamber correctly in a maintained and well constructed firearm
  • It will perform in accordance with pressure and velocity tables published
  • Have a shelf life of not less than 10 years (25 years for military ammo)
  • Dispersion group of 50 rounds not to exceed published figures (accuracy) 7.62×39 hollow point = 3.15″ at 100 meters.

Now lets talk about steel cases. So why steel cases? Is it just the cost?

NOPE….cost is not the only reason Barnaul uses steel cases.

Here are the reasons or advantages of steel cases

  • Cost of raw materials
  • Increased internal case dimensions
  • Decreased pressures
  • Stronger cases
  • Larger safety margin
  • External coating reduces wear
  • Lower operating temperatures

Barnaul uses bimetal bullets in their ammunition. The bullet jacket is specially designed and manufactured from low-carbon steel. It is coated with copper and then double heat treated. These bimetal bullets look and behave like copper jacketed bullets.

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Barnaul uses low smoke propellants specially formulated for steel cases. These powders or propellants deliver lower pressure combustion with consistent burn rates.